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Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Speaks Out After Death Of His Son Joshua

Below Deck - Captain Lee

We all know Captain Lee Rosbach for being the tough Stud of the Sea. He is literally the reason I watch Below Deck. No one can take care of business the way this man does. We’ve seen him mediate nasty situations with a cool head, treat terrible employees with style and grace, and really feel deeply for the safety of his crew. 

If you follow him on Instagram, you’d see a plethora of posts that show this man knows how to live and love – especially his family. Yesterday, he shared tragic news with fans and followers. Captain Lee’s son died this past Saturday. 

Captain Lee shared on Instagram that him and his wife, Mary Anne, put their youngest son, Joshua Lee Rosbach to rest. He shared, “After a twenty-year struggle, he finally succumbed to the demons he fought so long and so hard.” It is not clear what addiction in particular Joshua struggled with.

The Captain wrote, “Addiction is an insidious disease that knows no social status or geographic boundaries. Whether you live in a 10,000 sq ft mansion or a double wide trailer, the path of death, destruction and devastation it leaves remains the same.” Sad truth. 

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Captain Lee continued, eloquently describing his love for Joshua: “We loved Josh unconditionally and were proud of the man he had become in spite of his problems. There was no one I ever knew who gave more of himself to those in his life. He loved with all his being without expecting anything in return. We both feel a hole in our souls that will never be filled.” 

He ended his post with a poignant takeaway: “so my message to those of you who are fighting this disease, find a way to get help no matter what. For those of you who have a friend, family member, son, or daughter who’s struggling, do whatever it takes to get them the help they need. Be kind and loving, and try to enjoy every second you have with them. Do not pray for our son, but please take care of your children and friends who may need it, as it isn’t too late for them.” 

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My heart goes out to Captain Lee and his family. His words are too real. Addiction knows no boundaries. I’m sure there are readers out there who have lost someone in their lives to addiction. I have myself. There is nothing to say to make anyone feel better at this time. Our hearts are broken for him and his family.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and needs help – reach out – to anyone. You can call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse 24/7 where someone can talk to you and help you find a treatment center in your area. Rest in Peace, Joshua. 


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