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90 Day Fiance Star Colt Johnson’s Mom Debbie Johnson Prefers Larissa Dos Santos Lima Over Jess Caroline

Perhaps some of the most volatile scenes in 90 Day Fiance history have been between Colt Johnson’s mother, Debbie Johnson, and Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima. They seemed to be fighting from the first day Larissa arrived and until the day she moved out. The two ladies of Colt’s life continually battled over the house, Colt, and a clash of personalities.

Colt has since moved on in this season of 90 Day Fiance; Happily Ever After with his new Brazilian love interest, Jess Caroline. With the amount of fighting and drama that went on between Debbie and Larissa on their season together, it may come as a shock to hear thagt she actually prefers Larissa to Colt’s new girlfriend, Jess- and she is not afraid to be honest about it.

Debbie and Colt recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight, to discuss their feelings about Colt’s new relationship. Much to Colt’s surprise, Debbie admitted her feelings about Colt’s ex-wife being a more trustworthy and a better person than his new girlfriend Jess.

She explained, “Because Larissa’s evil, but she’s honestly evil”. Debbie elaborated further saying, “I’m not gonna say that, she’s not evil, she’s just … I trust Larissa because I know her and I know what she’s about. Jess is a total mystery to me.” I guess Debbie prefers a familiar “evil” to a new one. It does seem shocking that she can still reflect on any redeeming qualities Larissa may have had, given all of their past history, including Larissa’s domestic violence arrests.


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Debbie mentioned that she didn’t think Jess was right for Colt, and thought she might have ulterior motives for the relationship; Reality fame, money and citizenship. Debbie explained, “I think Colt needs to spend a lot of time seeing what’s out there, who’s out there and finding out what he really wants in his life or a partner.”

She likes Jess, but doesn’t feel that the couple’s personalities and interests align, and sees that as something that will be an issue in a committed relationship. Debbie claimed, “I just don’t think that Jess is quite right, because, I think she’s a party person — you’re not”, looking in Colt’s direction. “You don’t like to go out and party every night, whereas she does.” Colt seemed to bring this up himself with Jess in one of the season’s early episodes, as he is much more of a homebody.


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Debbie continued, “[Jess] doesn’t really want to commit to a marriage, but she wants a marriage, but she doesn’t want to commit to one. Still trying to figure out what’s going on with her. … They’re so opposite, it’s not a good match.”

Though it seems like Debbie has some valid concerns for her son’s relationship, it does make you wonder if she will ever approve of anyone he is with. One thing is for sure, whoever Colt ends up with, has to be ready to also deal with Debbie, as the two seem to be a package deal.


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