90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After

I have to be honest, it’s really hard to root for anyone on the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. But I probably don’t have to tell you this.

One such couple that is hard to watch would be Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and Andrei Castravet. Let’s set aside Elizabeth’s constant demands to accommodate her family for their Moldovan wedding. It seems like her family won’t like anything, so what’s the point? Then there is the issue of Andrei not working. Does he actually even want a job at this point? My senses say no but I guess all that matters is what Elizabeth thinks. He is her husband and father of her child after all.

Either way, Elizabeth seems to be putting up with a lot. And I’m not just talking about the jobless state of her husband. This season of Happily Ever After has really highlighted just how tumultuous their relationship is. As the season has gone on, it’s gotten worse and worse. Elizabeth ended up accusing Andrei of playing up his male attitude. This after he told her to “listen double” while in Moldova. He also mocked her for trying to be a “feminist” when she asked to be included in a conversation with Andrei and his friends.

Now the couple is forced to defend Andrei’s abysmal actions towards Elizabeth. They spoke with Entertainment Tonight to give their side of the story.  Andrei is defending his behavior, claiming that he wasn’t “rude.” Elizabeth also brushed it off, citing that Moldovan culture is very blunt and “cutthroat.” Elizabeth says, “It may come across as super rude, but to me, I understand him and where he’s coming from, and I know that it’s not a jab at me or intentionally being rude to me. I think that’s just his voice and his accent and him being a man, and you throw that all together and it comes off rude. I don’t take it that way.”


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Of the fan’s reactions, Elizabeth says, “Watching it back I can see what they would see watching it. I can understand what they’re saying, but again, I know my husband and I know that he wouldn’t purposely try to put me down. I think he is just such a strong person and he comes off really mean, but to me, but I understand what he’s saying.”

One such argument prompted TLC to bleep out what Andrei said to Elizabeth. Too bad Andrei makes no apologies. “I curse sometimes and I’m not going to hide it,” he says. “I maybe curse a lot. [There was] a little bit of friction and after that we exploded.” Andrei goes on to say that Elizabeth isn’t perfect and can be rude to him as well. According to Andrei, “Sometimes she does it to me, but it’s not shown. They put me in, you know, a bad light, but this actually happens, she does it too because she’s very strong. She’s very stubborn.”


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Despite continuing to sound like an absolute jerk face, Andrei did have some kind words to share about Elizabeth“I think she’s a sweetheart. I think she’s loving, but she can show her teeth. She can be aggressive to me, sometimes. It happens, I’m handling it. I thank her, I guess.”

Elizabeth maintains that Andrei has a much softer side that is rarely shown on camera. She claims he is “very romantic” and says he’s a great dad to their daughter. “Andrei is such an amazing father and he’s super, super sweet,” she says. “And he’s actually a really goofy person at heart and he has a really soft spot for people in his heart that he loves dearly and are really close to him, and I feel like we don’t see enough of that side because, obviously, showing our journey, it can be stressful and a lot of times you lose sight of your actual self.”


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It’s nice that these two want to play damage control. I also have no doubt that Andrei has his moments of being (sort of) decent. But if that’s the bar that Elizabeth has set for herself, it’s a pretty low one. Doesn’t she deserve better?

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