Top 5 Moments Of The Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Part 2

Last week we finally got the long over due first part of the Shahs of Sunset reunion. It was good to see the cast back together again, and hear their thoughts on the latest season.  Noticeably absent however, was newcomer Sara Jeihooni. I guess Sara’s one storyline of being upset her younger brother hooked up with Destiney Rose wasn’t enough to merit her joining the reunion. Better luck next year, Sara!

Still, the rest of the cast was on hand to bring the drama. Mercedes Javid walked off at one point, and Golnesa Gharachedaghi heckled Nema Vand. I guess even motherhood can’t make GG more mature. The main highlight of the night though was the season long feud between MJ, Reza Farahan, and his husband, Adam Neelyover whether MJ encouraged Ali Ashouri to confront Reza with the NSFW texts Adam had sent him. And things got even more heated between MJ and the cast during part two of the reunion. 

Part two was definitely more dramatic than the last episode. A lot of tears were shed, screaming matches had, and friends telling each other to “f*ck off.” Andy Cohen tried his best to keep everyone on track, but it was pretty hard to wrangle this crew! Let’s take a look at some of the drama that happened during the conclusion.

#1: The cast claimed they did reach out to MJ while she was in the hospital

Top Five Moments Of The Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Part Two

When MJ gave birth to her son, she almost had a near death experience. At the time, MJ said that no one from the cast had reached out to her to check in. During the reunion, Destiney said she did call MJ at the hospital, but MJ told her to, “wait until the cameras are up.” Mike Shouhed said he texted MJ, but was told by her husband, Tommy Feight, she couldn’t have visitors. Even Reza said he was in touch with her. So, unless everyone is lying, it looks like the cast did reach out to MJ after all.

#2: Adam owned up to sending Ali the text messages

Top Five Moments Of The Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Part Two

Andy spent the majority of the reunion asking questions and getting non-answers in return, but there was one moment where that was not the case. Andy asked Adam if he could take ownership of sending the texts to Ali. Without hesitation, Adam responded yes and noted this whole thing was all “his fault” because his texts gave Ali “ammunition” to set this all in motion. The entire cast (besides MJ) clapped that Adam finally admitted his part in the drama.

#3: Reza revealed why he had blocked MJ on social media

Top Five Moments Of The Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Part Two

Before the latest season started, social media was abuzz with possible theories as to why Reza had blocked MJ. Reza finally revealed it was because MJ tried to “slander his name” in order to get a raise on the show, and because of the domino effect of Ali saying he felt Adam sexually harassed him via text. MJ then admitted that the texts Adam had sent Ali were not harassment. Better late than never, MJ!

#4: Andy had Mike mediate between Reza and MJ

Top Five Moments Of The Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Part Two

Andy realized he was getting nowhere with Reza and MJ, so he asked Mike to mediate. Things got very heated, but they both opened up as to why they were upset. Reza was mad at MJ for spreading rumors he had an open marriage, and that Adam was unfaithful. And of course, MJ was mad at Reza for his comment about her uterus exploding, and because he posted about her medical issues online. But, she was also upset about things Reza said way back in season two. Notably, that she only had three hairs on her head, she’s fake, a compulsive liar, and that she had robbed a bank. Ok, these two deserve each other!

#5: Reza and MJ make up after the reunion

Top Five Moments Of The Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Part Two

As expected, not even Mike could solve the issues between Reza and MJ. So, we cut to four weeks later; Reza is having morning tea and MJ surprises him with a FaceTime call. MJ said she didn’t want to see Reza hurt, and she that she has his back. Reza admitted he needed to communicate better, and not assume she knows why he is upset. MJ noted he was one of the most important relationships in her life, and wanted to know if he would make the effort to salvage their thirty year friendship. Reza agreed, and said he wants an something authentic without any darkness or conflict. Until next season, that is…


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