Lisa Rinna Accuses Denise Richards Of Being “Wasted” When She Filmed Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Confessionals

These at-home confessionals on Real Housewives shows are a little bit rough. The angles aren’t the mot flattering. The audio quality is not up to par. Sure, I would rather have these confessionals than no confessionals at all. I’m happy the production teams found a way to safely film the cast members throwing shade during the coronavirus pandemic.

So, all in all, I’m happy we have these confessionals. When I see these do-it-yourself confessionals, I have to admit that I get super judgmental about the fashions and the decor in these women’s homes (and I’m sure I’m not the only one questioning that purple light in the background of all of Denise Richards‘s confessionals, but then again, that’s harmless. It’s tacky, but harmless). Lisa Rinna, on the other hand, is asking questions that are way more offensive, as per usual. Once again, she is throwing her “friend” of over 20 years under the bus.

In one of her recent Instagram Stories, Lisa shared (an admittedly unflattering) screenshot from one of Denise’s confessional looks and asked her followers, “Wait, was Denise wasted in her confessionals? Asking for a friend.” Thank you to Queens of Bravo for nabbing a screenshot of Rinna’s screenshot (it’s complicated, I know), by the way.

Wow, Rinna. Well, we know she’s not asking for a “friend.” She’s asking for herself and to just make Denise look bad.


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But, here’s the thing: who cares if Denise was wasted when she filmed those confessionals? Is that not allowed all of a sudden? If anything, it probably means that she will be more honest and daring with her commentary. Or at least I would be.

Considering that this whole season has centered around Denise’s sex life, I don’t blame her for taking a shot or two before discussing all of this. But, nevertheless, Lisa was not acting as a “friend” to anyone by posting that Instagram Story. She was trying to stir shit up and put out something she perceives as “negative.”


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Maybe she is just miffed that Denise is rocking Rinna’s signature leopard print look during those confessionals and it’s not from her QVC line?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]