90 Day Fiance Star Nicole Nafziger Explains Why Azan Tefou Never Posts Photos Of Her On Instagram

The couples on 90 Day Fiance really leave an impression. Some good, some bad. One couple I would put in the “horrible but unforgettable” category would be Nicole Nafziger and (fiance?) Azan Tefou. The couple has been “together” for quite some time now and I use the word “together” loosely. My definition of together would be in an actual relationship. Nicole’s definition of together is being perpetually engaged to a man that may or may not have married and started a family with his cousin.

As if that wasn’t enough, Nicole’s plans to visit him this past spring ran into a snafu when the pandemic hit. That left Nicole stuck in Morocco and away from her young daughter. All for love, you say? If love means never actually having proof of spending time with the other person. It’s true, the only photos that Nicole posted of her and Azan during 5+ in Morocco were throwbacks. All of this leaving fans to speculate that Nicole is either having a complete relationship in her head.

But if you were expecting to get some hard-hitting facts out of Nicole, maybe think again. In an effort to explain the lack of social media posts on both ends, Nicole had some strange reasoning. She addressed it on a recent Instagram Q&A with fans and In Touch Weekly reported all the deets.

A fan asked why Azan never posts his own pictures of Nicole on social media. Nicole responded, “There are people (men and women) who feel they don’t need to post pics of their significant other on social media to show love. As long as he shows it to me, that’s what matters.”


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Her delusion answer continued, “I’m a person who likes to post pictures and do the social media thing. It’s not a big thing for him. That doesn’t mean he loves me any less.” I mean, it certainly doesn’t mean he loves you more.

In a telling turn of events, once Nicole was safely back in the U.S., Azan went ahead and posted a few solo gym selfies. You know, for the fans wondering what exactly he had been up to for months on end. I will tell you what he wasn’t up to – seeing Nicole. Not to be deterred, Nicole liked each photo, even though Azan hasn’t returned the favor.


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Since Nicole was pretty much off social media during her entire time in Morocco, it leaves one to wonder if she was possibly filming another installment of 90 Day Fiance. It also begs the question why she bothered to go in the first place if she wasn’t spending time with Azan. Did Nicole get bamboozled into a waste of a trip? How was she supporting herself? Are the two still in touch now that she’s home?


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So many questions, none of which have been answered. Either way, it’s probably best for Nicole to focus on herself, her kid and making some cash promoting tummy teas on her Instagram. She’s gonna need that cash if she ever wants to see Azan again.


[Photo Credit: TLC]