90 Day Fiance Star Nicole Nafziger Explains Why She Left Her Daughter To Visit Azan Tefou For Months In Morocco

Rest easy, everyone. Nicole Nafziger is back in the states after her long visit to Morocco. There has been a lot of discussion around Nicole’s decision to visit her fiance, AzanTefou, in the midst of a pandemic. Even former 90 Day Fiance stars were coming for Nicole over her decision to leave her precious daughter. Others questioned whether their relationship is even real. On a show full of frauds, it’s pretty epic to be called out as the fraud of frauds. As always, Nicole’s mom jumped to rescue. Not only did she defend Nicole but she cared for her granddaughter over the last several months while Nicole was holed away in Africa.

So Nicole left her daughter to visit a dude she loves more than a Starbucks drink with heavy-cream. Did I mention she boasts being Keto? Meanwhile, rumors are saying Azan is actually using Nicole’s money to fund a secret divorce. A divorce from his cousin. Does this girl have the same PR firm as Paul Staehle? Because this shit is bleak.

Nicole addressed all the mayhem recently in an interview with CELEB Magazine. When asked if she could explain why she didn’t return to the United States earlier than she did, Nicole said, “I wasn’t able to return because Morocco closed their borders about a week after I arrived there.” She added, “It happened pretty fast too.”

When pushed a bit more on her long stay away Nicole added that she could have possibly gotten an earlier flight, but her concern over the pandemic made her wait it out. She explained, “There were flights that the US made for citizens to return home but I was so nervous about it. I thought it would be overcrowded and maybe I wouldn’t even get on. I didn’t know what to think, and with the news of the virus getting worse, I was scared. I just wanted to wait it out to see the borders opened and then I would get to fly home.”


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I mean sure, that seems responsible. Except when she posts a picture with a newborn on Instagram, without a mask, less than two weeks after her return. I see you, girl. Maybe next time leave the dude, come home, quarantine for two weeks, and raise your own kid. But let’s get to the part where you’ve had a 6+ year relationship with some guy who is supposedly divorcing his cousin, shall we?

About the rumors surrounding Azan’s marital status, Nicole quipped, “This is the most ridiculous rumor I’ve heard of Azan yet.” Well, I’m sure there are a lot to pick from. She added, “Whoever’s ‘source’ this was really should have fact-checked this first….It’s completely fake.”


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Nicole elaborated, “When Azan and I applied for the K1 a while back, you have to have a paper that says you’re single (not married). I saw that paper because I had to put the packet together.” And how many years ago was that exactly? You’ve seen him in person…4 times? I feel like there’s room for a side-cousin-wife. Just saying. (And by the way, get yours Azan. I know marrying cousins is normal in other parts of the world. I also have a feeling you think this relationship with Nicole is about as real as the rest of us). 

To all the haters Nicole wants you to know, “As much as people might want to paint me this way…I am not a desperate person for love that I would spend all this time on someone who was married. I wouldn’t do it.” Yea. But would you notice if he was married? Serious question. Cause I don’t even think you realize you’ve accidentally sent him all your money. 


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The interview ended with Nicole claiming, “The point is Azan is not married yet…And when he is, I will be his first and only wife.” 


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