Married At First Sight Recap: Dealbreakers

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, the headaches of domestic life start to lessen the romance of being married.  The couples begin to question and test their relationships Tempers flare when a husband confides in someone else’s wife about their problems. Also, a runaway bride comes home to face the consequences.

Karen doesn’t feel comfortable in her own house. Bennett begins to question Amelia’s thoughts about him. Amani finds herself between a married couple. Brett fails to take his wife’s activities seriously. Christina pressures Henry to be honest about his feelings.

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: Dealbreakers

As Amelia and Bennett get adjusted to living together, they realize they have very different ideas of how to run a household. In order to get more organized, Bennett creates a chore list. I’d bet good money that he will be the only person in that house who actually sticks to it. Amelia even admits she just figured he would do most of the housework, if she takes the role of breadwinner.

Bennett surprises Amelia with dinner and two costume clad women who serenade her. Amelia is actually wearing her own interesting outfit that looks like a cross between the movie Sweet Sixteen and a fairy. I love these two! They are so adorably weird, but good together. For some reason, I keep waiting for something bad to happen. Maybe I’m jaded, but I find it hard to believe things can stay this syrupy sweet. Maybe I’m wrong and they will defy the Marriage At First Sight curse.

Bennett begins to worry about his relationship when Amelia can’t think of one thing that annoys her about him. He on the other hand, shares her habit of not fully cleaning the dishes. He questions if she is really that tolerant, or just temporarily enamored with him. I am beginning to wonder the same thing. I understand not wanting to nitpick, but there has to be at least one thing that annoys you about a person. Especially, when you just began living with them.


Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: Dealbreakers

The other night, after dinner, Miles made a grave mistake that ultimately pushed Karen away. I don’t know what the hell he was thinking putting “sex with my wife” on the calendar. Has he met Karen? She isn’t the most open person when it comes to sexuality and intimacy. After feeling disrespected, she didn’t come home. SMH! Things were going so well. I wish she would have chosen to speak to Miles instead of running as soon as they have an issue. Regardless of how they met, they are still a married couple.

Karen finally comes home and explains why she didn’t come home the other night. She feels Miles crossed a boundary that made her feel unsafe in her own home. He feels terrible that he disappointed Karen and ruined the trust they were building. Immediately, Karen accepts his apology and even offers an olive branch. She is willing to show more affection in the near future.

Karen gets her first opportunity to prove she wants to be more intimate with Miles, sooner than she thought. After losing a few games of Bocce ball, she is forced to give him a kiss anywhere of his choice. Miles only gets some action on the forehead and nose, until the end of the game, when they share a kiss on the lips. He owes Bennett a debt of gratitude since it was his idea to add that incentive to each round of the game.

Miles confides to Woody about his marital issues at the local barber shop. Woody worries his best friend will compromise so much, he won’t get what he needs out of his marriage. Sounds about right! Karen arranges an intimate massage to attempt to move past whatever is holding her back. They definitely get close! This massage is designed to make Miles feel catered to by his wife. Good job Karen! I didn’t think she had it in her. Maybe there is hope for these two, yet.

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: Dealbreakers

Woody and Amani realize they had much different childhoods that affect how they expect to raise children in the future. Amani is strongly against spankings, whereas Woody feels that it can be a useful consequence, when necessary. She makes it clear that under no circumstances would she allow him to spank their child. Towards the end of the conversation, Woody seemed to change his mind about his future parenting style.

During date night, Woody and Amani discuss the future of their relationship. She feels under pressure to keep her husband in love with her, despite her not sharing the sentiment, just yet. From where I am sitting, I think Amani can relax.  Woody seems completely smitten with her. But she will have to take a risk, if she wants their marriage to last beyond the 8 weeks. I would hate for them to both lose out on something great, because of fear.

Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: Dealbreakers

Olivia and Brett have a fun day indoor rock climbing together. Surprisingly, he is actually supportive and encouraging towards his wife. I’m just glad he gave his sarcastic and condescending attitude a rest for one day.  Well that doesn’t last very long! Olivia invites Brett to share her love of trivia with her and friends. When he doesn’t even try to participate, she is beyond frustrated. She pulls one of her friends to the side to express her annoyance with his behavior. Once again, she wonders if Brett will fit into her life. She has expressed several times how important it is to her to do fun things with her spouse. He could have at least been a good sport, for one night. But who are we kidding; this is Brett we are talking about.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: Dealbreakers

During a group outing with a few of the couples, Christina and Henry appear much happier than usual. They both admit to the group, lately they have found things they really enjoy about one another. Amani pulls Henry to the side to find out more details about their budding relationship. He is extremely open about how turned off he is with Christina’s impatience. He even goes as far to say that it’s a deal breaker, if it’s not resolved.

Later, Christina excitedly asks Amani what she discussed with Henry. She is shocked to find out that he was so candid about something he hasn’t voiced to her. Apparently, she had no idea that he was so bothered by her lack of patience. Uh, oh! Christina becomes increasingly frustrated by what she perceives as mixed signals from her husband. These two getting along didn’t last long. I kind of feel bad for Christina. She thought when she opened up about her ADD, things had shifted.

Upon returning home, Christina asks Henry about his conversation with Amani. He is very honest about his conversation, but he conveniently leaves out the part about her patience being a deal breaker. Christina’s anxiety goes into overdrive and she unloads all of the things that have been bothering her. She then demands to know exactly where they stand. Her fear is that he may not be being genuine, so that he can appear as the nice guy on camera. When pressured for an immediate decision, Henry admits that he doesn’t know if they can get past all of their differences, but he is willing to try.

I guess the producers got tired of watching Henry and Christina struggle to have basic conversations. This time, they are given a bowl of questions to discuss. I had to laugh; Christina literally asked for this a few episodes ago. Well, at least it worked! This is the first time I have seen them have a regular conversation that didn’t seem forced. I’m not sure if this will last, but it’s nice to see them relaxed, for once.


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