Bethenny Frankel Says Friendship With Dorinda Medley Strengthened After Dorinda Was Fired; They’re Working On A Project Together

Bethenny Frankel knows a thing or two about exiting a Real Housewives of New York. So she’s an obvious choice as a source of comfort for recently fired cast member, Dorinda Medley.

While they both left under very different circumstances, it sounds like Bethenny thinks Dorinda got a raw deal. Bethenny even took the time to write out a post in support of Dorinda.

So now that it’s sunk in that Dorinda is off the show and not coming back, she has to decide what’s next. Luckily, it sounds like she still has Bethenny in her corner.

Bethenny recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight . She said of Dorinda, “We have gotten really much closer and it is better that we got closer not being on the show, because it means that it is not because of the show.”


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Bethenny continued, “And many friends are forged because of the show and then you get off and you are not interested in being friends with those people, so she and I, we are very good at giving advice to each other, life advice. I think she is a great person.” Listen, I don’t doubt that Dorinda is a good person deep down. We saw that in her previous seasons. But I’m a little shocked that Bethenny is riding so hard. Especially for someone who spent the whole season drunkenly yelling at all of her castmates.

But Bethenny has even more respect for Dorinda outside of a friendship. She revealed that they are working on a project together! Said Bethenny, “I am working on a project with her. You know, I have a production company and I think she would be great for a certain project and it is amazing.


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She admitted, “I think it is the best thing that ever happened to her that she was let go, because she is sort of blossoming and coming alive. … She would have left but she did not realize it was time for her to leave, so for this time, it was time for her to leave and she did, and she is really happy and she is feeling herself right now, which is great.” Ummm, is Bethenny talking about the same person we are?

Either way, I’m super excited to see what these two are going to come up with. I just hope it doesn’t involve drinking.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]