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Life After Lockup Season Finale Recap: Three’s A Crowd

Our time is already coming to an end with five infamous Life After Lockup couples. What a four-part season it’s been. These particular Life After Lockup couples know how to pack in the drama in a short period of time. The baptism drama between Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson could send them straight to divorce. If they can’t agree on something soon, this is a marriage that won’t make it much longer.

Speaking of marriages not making it, how surprising is it that Lacey and Shane got back together? Not only are they back together, but they’re having a baby! Love triangles and deceit are absolutely the foundation of a long lasting relationship. Also, watching Brittany Santiago’s relationship with her mother fall apart has been so disheartening to witness. They’ve come so far, and now it’s all crumbling to pieces. What a shame.

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea Edwards Life After Lockup

They’re really about to baptize this little girl in a backyard swimming pool huh? Is this even a real thing? Even Tennison doesn’t think it’s normal to do. It’s the weirdest environment to follow through with this. I understand what Andrea is trying to do, but it’s not the time or place.

Andrea and Lamar’s relationship is so rocky, so if he wants it to work, he needs to be a team player. I don’t know what he gets from this relationship though. She’s always angry, and she’s always screaming at him. Hopefully they can get through this makeshift baptism without a fight.

The pool pops while being inflated, and of course Andrea blames Lamar. She thinks he did it on purpose and that it’s his fault their daughter is going to hell. My goodness she’s a little melodramatic. Calm down! She’s honestly a little verbally abusive to Lamar. He doesn’t deserve the constant headache she brings him.

Lamar patches the pool, and he better hope it stays fixed. If anything else goes wrong at this baptism, Andrea will lose her s**t. Unfortunately for Lamar, his brother (that offered Tennison weed) has arrived. This is going to go left so fast. He’s not welcome there.

I can’t believe Andrea was accusing him of trying to make her son a drug addict. I don’t think that was the intention with this. Arguably, it was wrong. However, she’s blowing this a little bit out of proportion. Go figure. He claims that he had no intentions on ever letting Tennison smoke at his place. He offers an apology, and she’s letting him stay for the baptism. Big steps!

I’m happy the baptism was a success after all of the drama surrounding it. This family needs to focus on coming together for once. Being a strong unit will do them some good. Strengthened bonds look to come out of this milestone in their daughter’s life.

Angela & Tony

Angela Life After Lockup

Tony must be desperate to get Angela back because he’s going to Tommy of all people for help. Tommy wants no part of Tony and Angela being together. He’s going to hit such a break wall with this one. Why even waste your time?

Tommy tells Tony that leaving would be the best thing for Angela! YES! Break the pattern. End the cycle of cheating and lies. Tony loses his cool once he realizes he won’t get the assistance he wants. However, Tommy is being extra messy by bringing up Angela’s date with Ross.

Tony doesn’t understand Angela’s relationship with Ross. If he has to follow the rules, why doesn’t she? That’s actually a really valid point. There’s a glaring elephant of hypocrisy in the room right now. Angela can’t preach at Tony about staying faithful when she’s had another dude lined up the entire time.

Tony is so pissed after hearing about Ross. He claims he’s matured and left his dirty past behind him. I doubt any of that is even true. He probably is just taking this as an opportunity to look better for once. He confronts Angela about seeing the other man, and she isn’t hearing it.

Tony knocks over the camera so we don’t get a great shot at what’s taking place. This is exactly what Tony deserves though. He’s treated her so horribly the entire relationship. Tony finally hearing that Angela is in love with another man might be the final nail in this relationship. FINALLY!! FREE AT LAST!

Things are not good for Angela yet again. Her new man Ross has already been arrested. She sure knows how to pick them! He begs for her not to give up on him, but she doesn’t want to wait out another prison sentence. She’s been through too much with Tony.

Lacey & Shane

Lacey Life After Lockup

Lacey and Shane are excited to find out if she’s pregnant with one or two babies. Please let it be one. I’m almost sad that they’re having one at all in the first place. Throwing two new kids into their turbulent life is asking for trouble. Plus, I don’t think Shane is at ALL ready for fatherhood.

Lacey starts panicking when the hospital staff gets quiet and don’t tell her what they’re seeing. She’s freaking out, but it’s probably nothing. She likely is having twins, and they don’t want to say anything until Shane is present in the room. In the moment though, it must be a crippling sensation of fear to not know if the baby is okay or not.

There are three babies. WOWZA. There is a set of identical twins, and then one other baby. If they were worried about supporting one new baby, this just complicated things even further. There’s a chance all three won’t progress, but STILL. This is a game changer for Shane and Lacey.

It’s time to tell Lacey’s father about the pregnancy! He might not react well to this news. They’ve barely been back together. The relationship has always been rocky at best. Not only that, but it’s an extremely high risk pregnancy. Both Lacey and the babies are in danger throughout this entire process.

Lacey and Shane gather the kids together for this news as well. So far, her dad seems kind of excited for it. Well not EXCITED, but he’s not mad either. Her father looks like he’s going to have a heart attack when he hears it’s going to be three kids. I feel you there brother. What a mess! Hot damn.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Brittany and her mom are continuing their showdown from last week, and it’s so nasty. She is stealing from Brittany’s sister and exhibiting all of the signs of being on drugs. Not good at all. She was entrusted with the care of her grandchildren, and she chose drinking and drugs instead. What went wrong here?

Brittany explains that a sober person wouldn’t be acting like her mother is right now. Brittany knows all of the signs. She’s been there. This isn’t her first rodeo with addiction. She’s hit rock bottom in the past, and that’s what has to happen for her mother to get better. It’s a sad reality for so many out there.

Her mother admits that she took the money and spent them on pills. Brittany’s fears and suspicions have been confirmed. This is such a raw and heartbreaking moment. Her mother tries to say she needs the pills for pain, but it’s the addiction talking. She has a problem, and she needs help correcting this self destructive behavior.

Brittany lays out a plan for her mother to get her life together. The plan is simple. She’s going to leave her mother alone and wait for her to hit rock bottom. She is sad for her mother. All she wants is a mother that will be there for her in every way. However, it’s starting to look like her mom is never going to change. Watching Brittany break down over this hits me right in the gut.

Brittany is concerned her sister will eventually get manipulated by their mother again. The best place for her is far away back in Alaska. Until their mother gets the help she needs, this is for the best. They both foresee a long road ahead with no finish line in sight because she’s been this way for so long.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Sarah Simmons won’t stop screaming at Michael Simmons in the parking lot of the birthday party. She is the one causing the biggest scene right now. Michael is being tame. So far, he hasn’t started any drama. Michael hasn’t interacted with Malcolm at all at the party. He has no desire to meet him.

I get the vibe that Sarah is purposely trying to create a moment with Michael and Malcolm. Sarah loses it because he just took off from the party without even saying goodbye to the kids. Michael is making some valid points about Sarah being the one trying to start something. SEE!! That’s exactly what’s going on here.

No matter what Sarah says to everyone or even to herself, her actions show that she wants Michael around. She doesn’t just want him as a co-parent either. I don’t know what her game is when it comes to him. I really don’t. None of this excuses Michael though for the horrid father and human that he is. He’s never going to win best dad of the year award.

Michael calls his father for advice about what went down at the party. Sarah should have better communicated about her new relationship to Michael. It’s so hard though because Michael previously sprung Maria on Sarah. Neither of them are ever thinking about what’s best for the girls. Their top focus is causing havoc in each other’s lives.

Malcolm is on the same page as me when it comes to Sarah and Michael. A part of him doesn’t think she’s over Michael. There’s your red flag. Take it seriously, and walk away. She’s not over Michael. They both thrive on this chaos. He says he’s gonna come take his girls, but Sarah hangs up. Game on. War started.


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