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Emily Simpson Says Every Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Unfollowed Braunwyn Windham-Burke

It looks like there is non-stop drama in the life of Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke. And much of the discord seems to be coming from family issues. Braunwyn’s daughter, Rowan Windham-Burke, posted “Fuck. You. Mom.” on Instagram. Nice!

Braunwyn responded in an Instagram Story. The mom of seven wrote, “Our family asks for your understanding as we work through some challenging circumstances. 45 million Americans will experience mental health issues.”

Amid speculation that they split, Braunwyn has been posting steamy photos with her husband, Sean Burke, touting their “modern marriage.” We know that Braunwyn and Sean occasionally indulge in threesomes with other women, but what is modern about their marriage is up for interpretation.

Season 15 surprised RHOC fans from the jump when Braunwyn and co-star Emily Simpson met to discuss their issues. In the past, Emily tried to tell Braunwyn that she was drinking too much. Braunwyn agreed that she shouldn’t drink again. In a powerful moment, Braunwyn stared into the camera and said, “I’m Braunwyn and I’m an alcoholic.” Wow.


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In August, Braunwyn’s co-star Kelly Dodd unfollowed Braunwyn on social media, although the exact reason was a mystery. But Braunwyn recently admitted that she is not in contact with any of her fellow Orange County Housewives.

“Right now, I’m not speaking to any of my cast. And you get to see how that all happens,” Braunwyn remarked. “2020 is the most transformative year of my life. I let the cameras into some really real, raw moments.” I am officially intrigued!


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So, what exactly happened between Braunwyn and the rest of the ladies? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emily spilled some piping hot tea on Braunwyn. “She’s not talking to any of us because we all unfollowed her. Each one of us kind of unfollowed her for different reasons, and on our own terms,” Emily explained.

The final straw for Emily was the finale party. Emily stated, “It was the last time that we were allowed, all six of us, to be together and I just I didn’t particularly like the way she acted, and the way things went down.”


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“I didn’t block her or anything,” Emily shared. “I just unfollowed and, you know, there’s a lot of things that need to be resolved with her.”

Emily added that the group, including Shannon Beador, has questioned whether Braunwyn is being authentic on the show. Braunwyn had better buckle up for the RHOC reunion, because Emily is bringing the receipts. She has a binder of notes and evidence ready to go.


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“I’ve got materials. You name it, I’ve got it. I’m an attorney, so I analyze things and I like facts,” Emily said. “I don’t think anybody should jump on someone else out of emotions or anything like that.”

She added, “So, I do have a very factual, analytical argument as to things that she’s done that I find completely inauthentic and, you know, I’m ready and willing to address those.”


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