Kelly Dodd Slams Rick Leventhal’s Ex-Fiancee Lauren Sivan; Says His Daughter “Hated” Lauren

Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has no issue calling out anyone, on TV, on social media, or in interviews. Whether it’s actually warranted is a whole other story though.

Recently, Kelly shared a video, slamming her ex-husband Michael Dodd for being a “deadbeat” dad. In that video, her daughter Jolie Dodd and one of her friends covered their faces and tried to avoid the cameras. Nevertheless, Jolie admitted she hadn’t seen her dad in over five months. Kelly’s not done calling out exes though. Now, she’s coming for one of Rick’s former flames.

Let’s get into a bit of background info. According to Adweek, Rick got engaged to a woman named Lauren Sivan after a year of dating. They were supposed to tie the knot in 2006, but it never happened.

Even though Rick and Lauren parted ways, Lauren, clearly, kept in touch with Rick’s daughter Veronica Leventhal. Lauren posted a photo with Veronica, alluding to Kelly in the caption. Lauren wrote, “You may have a new stepmom but I’ll forever tell people I had you as a teen. Come back soon.”


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Kelly read that and commented, “That’s funny because [Veronica] told me and Rick she hated you as a teenager tore your face out of every picture .. too bad you didn’t have your own.” Damn. That’s low, for many reasons. She shared information that Veronica (allegedly) shared with her privately and she made fun of Lauren for not having her own children.

That’s when other people in the comments section came for Kelly. One Instagram user wrote, “wow. your comment to this woman is disgusting how dare you say that to a her. Disgusting Human.”


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Another social media user commented with “Well here it starts…crap. I was generous and gave her a couple of months before she destroyed her husbands daughters & their dad financially, mentally and professionally…just a vile human being & so destructive of everything she goes near.” And a different person posted, “@kellyddodd what is wrong with you???? I can’t stand you and I’ve lost respect for @bravoandy four keeping you around. You’re are mean spirited and vile to women.”

What a mess. Clearly, if Veronica met up with Lauren to spend time together, then she doesn’t hate her. Why would Kelly want to put her new stepdaughter in an uncomfortable position? Oh, yeah. That’s right, she’s Kelly Dodd.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]