Kelly Dodd Says Vicki Gunvalson Is A “Pig” With “A Gross, Funky Body”; Vicki Calls Kelly A “Gold Digging Harlot” And “Pig” Who Mocks The Black Lives Matter Movement

When Kelly Dodd joined Real Housewives of Orange County, she was the only one willing to be friends with Vicki Gunvalson after the infamous cancer scam.

That all went out the window when Vicki and Steve Lodge started going out on double dates with Kelly’s ex-husband Michael Dodd and kept the outings a secret. Ever since then, Vicki and Kelly have been ripping each other to shreds whenever possible.

Celeb reported that Kelly said Vicki was a “pig,” which we all know upsets Vicki from the Slade Smiley Miss Piggy days. Kelly even said that Vicki has a “gross, funky body.” Really, Kelly? Body shaming? That’s really not OK.

Vicki clapped back at Kelly’s remarks, saying, “While I’ve addressed the gold-digging harlot known as Kelly Dodd before, it seems like she wants to rumble with the Queen, so I’m going to give her the response she is so desperately seeking.” How humble, calling herself a “queen.”


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Vicki continued, “Kelly recently referred to me as a ‘pig’ and said I had a ‘gross, funky body.’ First of all, she’s calling me a pig as she knows this is something that offended me in the past and ridiculously childish, so I’m going to take ownership of the term and throw it back at her.” Did Vicki actually say any of this? Someone else definitely wrote this for her. Vicki has never spoken so eloquently.

That’s when Vicki declared, “Kelly Dodd is the true meaning of a pig and here’s why- she thinks she’s above the law, she mocks people dying of the coronavirus pandemic, she wore a ‘Drunk Wives Matter’ hat at a time when people are out advocating for Black Lives Matter- which, whether she agrees or not, completely mocks the movement.  She hosted a bridal shower with little use of masks and no social distancing, and that’s only the beginning.”


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Vicki claimed, “I tried my hardest to stand by her side when I was on the show, but she is too toxic and unpredictable.” We all know that part isn’t true. Vicki will never win a “best friend” award.


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