Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says Her Husband Sean Burke “Felt Left Behind” When She Became Sober

Braunwyn Windham-Burke has been in the midst of re-discovering herself, and it looks like much of her journey will be featured on Season 15 of Real Housewives of Orange County. During the season premiere, Braunwyn admitted that she was an alcoholic. She is now sober.

Braunwyn’s marriage to Sean Burke has been rocky in the past. The RHOC star cheated on her husband, and she has been open about that fact. The couple have shared that they sometimes have threesomes, and Braunwyn has revealed that she is more attracted to women than men but is still attracted to Sean. Oh, and last season’s make-out buddy Tamra Judge.

The couple, who have a special love shack for romantic time away from their seven kids, are weathering some choppy seas. In October, there were whispers that the couple had split up. On October 4, Braunwyn posted some steamy photos of the duo to her Instagram Story. She captioned one of them “modern marriage.”

In an interview with US Weekly, Braunwyn explained how her decision to stop drinking affected her marriage. She said, “He’s known that I’ve had a problem, but part of the dynamic of our relationship is he’s an enabler and we have a very codependent relationship. While I’m getting sober right now, he’s also in his own community support meetings, working on his aspect of it because alcoholism is a family disease,” Braunwyn stated.


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“It affects everyone. And, you know, especially with couples, there is a dynamic and we’re working on that.” Apparently, Sean was always there to help Braunwyn when she had too much to drink.

“I have been either pregnant nursing or drinking most of our relationship. And when I’m drinking, I’m very needy,” Braunwyn revealed. “I want him to come with me. I want him to pick me up. He would get me out of situations before I got ugly. So I needed him.”


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The RHOC star continued, “And when I got sober, I didn’t need him anymore. And he felt the distance and he felt left behind. … It’s very hard on a marriage. There’s just a lot of things that we’ve had to uncover [in] therapy with ourselves and each other,” Braunwyn added.

Much of Braunwyn’s sobriety journey was captured by Bravo cameras. “And one of the reasons I was able to stay drunk so long was because Sean, you know, Sean did take care of me. So he’s working a program, I’m working in program,” Braunwyn said. “We both know we have a lot of work to do.” It sounds encouraging that both Sean and Braunwyn are getting help.


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But Braunwyn and Sean have made some recent changes to their living situation. Sean is no longer residing with his family. Here’s hoping that he took his immunity idol necklace collection with him. “He’s not living here right now. [I] love him dearly. We’re redefining what marriage means to us,” Braunwyn remarked.

Braunwyn also has someone “new and special” in her life, and it isn’t a man. Why doesn’t she just say that she is dating a woman? Currently, Braunwyn and Sean have no plans to divorce. Yet. “I’m 42 and there are just parts of me that … I pushed down and now I’m allowing myself to live authentically,” Braunwyn explained.


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