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Gina Kirschenheiter Says Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Family Is “In Crisis”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s family life is eclipsing the current season of Real Housewives of Orange County. She has been very open about her alcoholism and its effects on her husband Sean Burke and her manipulative, thirsty, toxic mother Dr. Deb.

Braunwyn has also said that she has another love interest outside of her marriage, which Sean is, apparently cool with. Oh, and she and Sean aren’t even living together these days. There is a lot to unpack there, so it’s interesting how Braunwyn had found the time to diss Gina Kirschenheiter for her love life, specifically Gina’s decision to move in with Travis Mullen six months into their relationship and eight months after her split from Matt Kirschenheiter. As the viewers have seen, Gina, Matt, and all of their kids (six of them) are living in a three-bedroom condo together.

Instead of clapping back at Braunwyn for dissing her life, Gina feels that Braunwyn should worry about her own family’s issues. Gina told Us Weekly, “I think right now, honestly, [I] think Braunwyn and her family are in crisis. And I’m not going to put much stock into anything she said, and I feel for her family and you know, [but] I’m not trying to make things worse for them.”

I cannot tell if Gina is actually genuinely being nice or if there’s some subtle shade in there. Perhaps, it’s a bit of both.


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In regard to Braunwyn and Sean living separately, Gina said, “I’m not a judgmental person, you know what I mean?” Gina said, “So, if it works for them [then fine].”

Gina also acknowledged that “it’s easier” not to get divorced. She of all people, know that divorce can be super difficult, considering the death threats and restraining orders involved in her own divorce.


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