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90 Day Fiance Alums Laura And Aladin Jallali Finalize Divorce; She Accuses Him Of Cheating Again






It’s been almost a year and a half since we first laid eyes on the Season 1 cast of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way — one of the TLC producers’ more recent attempts to max out this cash cow of a reality series. In this spinoff, viewers followed Americans as they fell in love with foreigners and decided to give up their entire lives to move to their partner’s country instead of bringing them to the US to secure the coveted green card and chase the American dream.

Florida resident Laura Jallali fell deeply in love with much younger Tunisian hunk Aladin Jallali who was a personal trainer living in Qatar at the time. Throwing caution to the wind, Laura packed up her suitcases and left her Floridian home and adult son in the dust as she headed across the pond to live happily ever after in the world’s richest country to spend her golden years getting endless amounts of jiggy jiggy (also known as SEX) with with her husband to be. But, alas- in a tale as old as time we’ve come to recognize among couples within the 90 Day Fiancé series and its spin-offs- all that glitters is never gold, it seems. 

According to Us Weekly, Laura has confirmed that her brief, but tumultuous marriage to Aladin has been finalized more than a year after the the latter asked for a divorce amidst simultaneously announcing their split in front of the entire cast during the filming of their season’s tell-all. Viewers watched Laura and Aladin endlessly quibble over their complicated sex life, endless bouts of jealousy and Laura’s son Liam’s blatant opposition to his mother’s relationship. Yet, somehow, these two managed to forge on through this hot mess and get married in a traditional three-day Tunisian wedding. Still- the fact that this marriage didn’t end up becoming the fairytale Laura and Aladin had envisioned. “This is shocking,” said literally no one.

Confirming her marriage’s status during a recent episode of The Domenick Nati Show, Laura frankly explained, “My current relationship status with Aladin is we are officially divorced as of  12 p.m. our time.” Shooting her shot, she continued, “So I am now single. If there’s any men who wanna put a ring on it, I will judge the diamond size and the quality. But yeah, totally, come on, DM me. Show me the ring. Let’s get jiggy with it.”


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You mean to tell me that the 25 year-old online boyfriend Laura bragged about in May didn’t work out? That’s too bad.

When addressing whether or not she believed her husband was faithful during their marriage, she said, “When we both agreed to go on the show, one thing I said to Aladin prior was, ‘Please don’t do me wrong. I’m not gonna go on TV with you if you are going to eventually leave me for somebody younger [and] more beautiful,” before confirming that he had, indeed, promised her that he would never cheat.


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“Straight up, that’s what happened,” she said. “He got inundated by a ton of women. I mean, he was already engaged six months after our tell-all. So, in that regard, he wasn’t the most faithful man, you know what I mean?” In an attempt to clarify, Laura continued, “Did he sleep with somebody when I traveled to New York City to do my tell-all? Maybe. I don’t know. He had a lot of girls there in Africa that were quite interested in him. They all thought he was really rich because the TV cameras coming to Tunisia to film our second wedding. So he was like the bomb [in that area].”


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The pair wed in July 2018 before initially announcing their split in October 2019. Following a brief move back to Florida, Laura decided to take another leap of faith and moved to Ecuador where she continues to live amid the global pandemic.
So… did Aladin cheat? Laura’s suspicions are about as clear as mud. But, in a marriage that seemed doomed from the start, I guess it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to imagine that their constant fighting could have eventually pushed him into the arms of another woman, right?
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