Meghan Edmonds Complains About Her Children; Says “I’m Overwhelmed Beyond Belief”

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Meghan King (formerly Meghan Edmonds) may have left Real Housewives of Orange County, but her life has all the drama of a reality show. She split with her husband, Jim “Dad Jeans” Edmonds because he allegedly had an affair with their nanny. Jim also enjoys sexting with other women. Their split wasn’t a surprise to RHOC viewers.

Their divorce has been messy. The couple has battled over custody of their three children: Aspen, Hayes, and Hart. When Hart was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in October of 2020, Meghan shared the news with a blog post. Jim wasn’t pleased that he learned about Hart on social media.

In April, Jim was diagnosed with the coronavirus and pneumonia. Meghan shaded him for partying in Nashville with his daughter, Hayley Edmonds, and his new girlfriend before he tested positive.

Then, Meghan announced that she tested positive for coronavirus via her Instagram Story on November 15. Hayley slammed her former stepmom for going to Jim’s house after Meghan was exposed to Covid-19. Meghan managed to find love again with Christian Shauf, but the duo split recently after six months of dating. Christian supposedly hated all the media attention.

On December 6, Meghan posted an update on Instagram, and it was a doozy. She posted an adorable picture of her three kids in their Christmas pajamas. But the post is far from cheery.


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“Aspen gets so sad that her outfits never match her brothers but these brand new pjs I just bought (I let her pick them on our Amazon) brought her such joy. Y’all, I love my kids like nobody’s business and if you follow me you know that,” Meghan wrote.

“But holy f’ing balls I am overwhelmed as hell –today I lost my voice screaming at my kids for, well, for being kids. I had to check myself before I wrecked myself: I packed an overnight bag for them and dropped them off with my (angel!) parents,” the RHOC alum continued.

Meghan stated, “I drove home crying the whole way partly because I feel like a horrible mom, partly because I have so much to do and I’m overwhelmed beyond belief, partly because I’m purging money, partly because I’m so sad to be leaving the home I picked out and built with hopes for the family that never really was, and partly because I’m exhausted from not sleeping.” That is understandable.


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“I went home, took a nap now I’m sharing this with you as I cry again– and I’m feeling sorry for myself bc I wish I had a partner on whose shoulder I could cry,” Meghan shared. “Things are gonna be fine but today was heavy. Change is hard. I’m strong, I’ll persist. But I need a minute to feel the feels.”

Of course, Meghan’s post received many positive responses. One fan wrote, “You can love your children more than yourself, but you do need you time too. It makes you a better parent.” Another said, “I admire you for being vulnerable and expressing how you were feeling.”

Others blasted Meghan’s complaints. “You should be ashamed of yourself for taking out your jealousy on your kids, especially at Christmas time,” one follower wrote. The same Instagram user told Meghan, “You deliberately planned these children, they weren’t mistakes. YOU did this.”

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“Beautiful children! I have a really hard time feeling sorry for you,” a fan remarked.


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