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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Addresses Backlash For Hitting Her Husband Sean Burke; Says “I’m Sorry If You Guys Don’t Like That Sobriety Was Hard For Me”

On the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, we got to see the women complaining about the privileges of safely quarantining in their beautiful California homes, buying toilet paper in bulk.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke bragged that she’s the “only adult” in her home, taking yet another dig at her super supportive husband Sean Burke. Then, she admittedly didn’t know how to use her own washing machine, citing the fact that she’s had a housekeeper since high school. Aside from making many viewers cringe with those scenes, Braunwyn alarmed many fans when she admitted to hitting Sean twice. One of those incidents happened in front of their young son.

Braunwyn addressed the backlash in a video that she originally posted to her Instagram Story (shout out to iRealHousewives for sharing the content). The mother of seven kids began, “So, I probably shouldn’t do this, but I shouldn’t do a lot that I put out there, so I’m going to anyways.”

Braunwyn confessed, “I’ve been crying all morning because the comments were soo much worse than I anticipated.” What exactly was she expecting to happen when she revealed that she struck her own (very supportive) husband multiple times in front of one of her kids?


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“Getting sober was hard for me,” Braunwyn reminded us. She explained, “At three days sober in Aspen, I was trying to drink. Sean stopped me and I lashed out. It was ugly.”

Braunwyn continued, “And then, another time during quarantine, I was sitting there with a bottle of wine and Sean was trying to stop me. Once again, I lashed out.”


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She maintained, “I’m trying to tell this sobriety story as honestly as I can. That has not been easy. I’ve had moments where [I’ve been] very close to relapsing. And to see how hard you guys [were on me], keep in mind I’m still only 60 days sober [at this point in the season]. It was hard for me. I’m sorry if you guys don’t like that it was hard for me and my behavior was atrocious.”

At least she admitted it was “atrocious,” but saying she’s sorry that viewers “don’t like that sobriety was hard for Braunwyn” is an… interesting way of twisting words, isn’t it? Of course, we wish Braunwyn the best of luck on her sobriety journey and get that the road is complicated, but what’s with shifting the focus to the fan reaction?


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