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Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Daughter “Likes” A Tweet Saying Braunwyn Is Unable To Parent And Belongs In Rehab

This season of Real Housewives of Orange County requires viewing with a giant bottle of Excedrin. It’s tense. It’s frustrating. And it gives you a headache. But, it is reality television and how many of us (myself included) bitch and moan when Housewives don’t share their “real” life? Well, this time we got what we asked for – but how much real is too much?

Now we’re seeing real and real is scary. And I’m not talking about Gina Kirschenheiter’s hair. Braunwyn Windham-Burke is basically an open wound. After revealing she suffers from alcoholism, Braunwyn decided to get sober. What she didn’t anticipate was detoxing amid a lockdown and having her children watch the withdrawal process. This is a family in pain and the fallout impacts the kids. Braunwyn’s 18-year-old daughter, Rowan Windham-Burke has been largely affected by Braunwyn’s troubles. Occasionally Rowan gives insight to how she’s fairing via social media. As Rowan watches people insult her mother and provide armchair consults, she did seem to “like” one piece of advice in particular.

Most teens deal with acne or “the awkward stage”. Rowan is dealing with an alcoholic mother who just came out as a lesbian, but wants to remain married to the husband she was never attracted to. Her grandma rolls around like an elder Tekashi69 on a bender, and the whole family is on television. It’s a lot. In September, Braunwyn made a cryptic post about divorce and co-parenting. Rowan lashed out in the comments with a big ‘ol fuck you. She received a lot of nasty words and was basically labeled a petulant GenXer. Maybe now we can understand why Rowan did it. Not that it was right, but Rowan is a human being with feelings – watching her mother in pain.

Jesus, the whole thing sucks. There’s no other way around it. Intellectually, we cannot critic someone with an addiction. Mental health and substance abuse issues are real and heightened because the Rona has us all in a pickle. Fans of RHOC have a lot of thoughts on Braunwyn, and they are being shared nationwide. Lots of folks are of the mind that Braunwyn should be in rehab, which is fair. Braunwyn tried rehab about 10 years ago and it didn’t stick. Maybe it’s time for her to try again? Rowan might be inclined to agree.


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According to Us Weekly, Rowan liked a tweet referencing Braunwyn and the R word and questioning Braunwyn’s ability to parent. The tweet read, “Braunwyn needs to be in a rehab facility. Her husband should be awarded full custody. Braunwyn is not stable. Everyone could see the pain and fear in her daughters face but Braunwyn. Braunwyn is only thinking of herself. She had a vow renewal and now she says she is a Lesbian.” Braunwyn is an addict. She is not in her right frame of mind and technically none of us should judge her. But she signed up for reality television and is letting this play out, so of COURSE people are going to have opinions. Including her kids.

Sobriety is difficult and that’s an understatement. I’m not entirely sure it’s meant for BravoBraunwyn can and will make more mistakes before she reaches a safe space. Should she be doing it in front of a camera? Believe it or not, Braunwyn may be helping people see they aren’t alone if they are also suffering. We also have a lot of fans turning the channel because this journey is hard to watch. If it’s hard for viewers, can you imagine how difficult it is for her children? So yes, maybe the kids will act out on social media. Maybe they won’t say kind things. And maybe we can just wish this family well and hope the healing begins.


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