90 Day Fiance Star Brittany Banks’ Dad Says Yazan Abo Horira Stole Money From Her And Cheated On Her Constantly

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira’s relationship was puzzling at best.  The mismatched couple fought constantly on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way last season.  It was volatile, and the tender moments were few.  Both Brittany and Yazan’s safety seemed at risk, as the progressive aspects of their relationship clashed with Yazan’s conservative culture.

Viewers assumed that there was a lot that happened behind the scenes between Brittany and Yazan.  Did they have an agreement?  Were they just looking to get on reality TV?  It just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

The few uplifting moments in this couples’ scenes occurred between Brittany and her father Greg.  Greg expressed his concerns over the relationship, but always supported and encouraged his daughter.  His kind and caring demeanor was a necessary antidote to…..everything else.

Now, with all the speculation and rumors circulating about Brittany and Yazan, Greg is speaking out on behalf of his daughter.

Reality TV blogger John Yates posted a screenshot of the message directed to Yazan, originally shared on Greg’s Instagram stores.


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Yazan stole money, according to Greg.  “You owe my family more than 7,000 and you say my daughter used you,” he wrote.

Then, Greg revealed that Yazan already knew about Brittany’s marital status, but pretended to be unaware in order to keep good standing within his family.   “You asked her to lie about you not knowing she was married to protect you from your grandfather,” Greg continued, “it was really a scheme to paint her as a liar.”

Yazan initially agreed to move to America to be with Brittany.  “You had been trying to get to America since you met my family,” Greg revealed, “let’s start telling the truth.  I paid for her flights because you promised to but instead spent the money drinking and partying with your boyfriend Muhammad.  And you promised to pay me back and never have done so.”


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It’s unclear whether Greg means that Muhammad is a lover, or a simply friend of the same sex.  One follower wrote that Muhammad is in fact Yazan’s cousin and cautions others against believing the accusations.  Perhaps Greg is alluding to Muhammad being a lover, since he continued his post to accuse Yazan of infidelity.

Yazan I find it comical how you have nothing good to say about my daughter when you cheated on her constantly,” Greg wrote, “she has never said a word.  You have stolen money from her she has never said a word.  You have been violent toward her and she has not said a word.  She has loved you even to protect you now.”

“But I don’t owe you any loyalty and you don’t deserve any from Brittany,” Greg concluded, “you are a useless man and have been one since I met you.  That’s why I did not approve of you in the end.”


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It looks like we will not be seeing Yazan and Brittany on 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After.  There is too much coming to light now, that it’s hard to feel affinity to either party.  Though it does explain a lot about their dynamic onscreen.


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