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Madison LeCroy Slams Austen Kroll For Calling Her His “Soulmate”

It takes a lot of effort to keep up with Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll’s on-again-off-again relationship. As soon as you’re up-to-date something new happens. It just never stops with these two.

It seems like they will always be associated with each other. Even at times when they aren’t actually in a relationship. Recently, Austen confessed that he believes Madison is his “soulmate.” Madison’s heart isn’t fluttering in response to the sentiment. She’s not impressed and she’s putting him in his place, yet again.

Madison referred to the coronavirus quarantine as a “make it or break it” situation for her and Austen during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Madison elaborated, “I was able to see what he did in a day and then I quickly realized it was, you know, bean bag chairs and Call of Duty. I decided that was probably how it would be the [remainder] of the year and it just wasn’t going to be something [I could put up with].”


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She asserted, “He doesn’t have any responsibilities, but he should at 33 years old.I just felt like we grew apart during that time.” And now that she’s an official cast member on Southern Charm, why does she need to continue dating Austen? She has her spot on the show now.

When she was asked about Austen calling her his soulmate in November, Madison said, “I think that calling someone your ‘soulmate’ is like, you would do anything and compromise with that person to make it work.” Austen, compromising and putting in work? Those things don’t exactly line up.


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Madison explained, “I just think he doesn’t know what that is yet. I do think he will always love me, and you know what? If I’m the one that got away, then I’m OK with living rent-free in his mind for the rest of his life.” Damn.

She believes that she’s done everything she can to make their relationship work, insisting that she won’t give him another shot. Part of me doesn’t believe that. But, another part of me, is acknowledging (yet again), that she already got what she wanted: a spot on Southern Charm.


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Madison insists, “One thing about me is, once I’m out, I’m out.” They’ve broken up more times than anyone can count. So, that’s not exactly accurate. Madison insisted, “I’ll fight for anything that I care about until I’m not capable of doing it anymore. So, I do think that we tried all the tricks. Nothing seems to be sticking right now. I don’t know what more you could do at this point. It would almost just probably be annoying, because I think I need to, just my space.”


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