Austen Kroll Dishes On Drama Between Madison LeCroy And Craig Conover; Says Madison Is His Soulmate

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: Austen Kroll -- (Photo by: Bravo)

What a tangled web Austen Kroll has weaved on this season of Southern Charm. He’s still reeling from his off-season threesome drama. Austen hasn’t been totally dumped by Madison LeCroy. At least not yet.

Despite the advances by newest cast-member John PringleAusten and Madison have remained committed to each other. For whatever reason, this seems to have drastically upset Craig Conover. Maybe because his temporary landlord and drinking buddy is too busy to hang out? Like, I really don’t get what Craig’s issue is.

Austen seems fed up with the lack of support from his friends and recently vented it out in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. He said that this season has been tough for him due to his relationship with Madison and strained friendship with Craig. Austen shared that he feels pulled between the two and added, “You kinda feel like you’re on a lonely island and you’re, like, what?”

Austen referenced the season teaser that delivered the biggest gut punch. A scene where Madison tells Craig she doesn’t love Austen. He said, “I have [Madison] telling me Craig is not my friend, and I have [Craig] telling me that the girl I love doesn’t really care about me? Great,”


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As of the interview, Austen was not willing to comment on whether he and Madison are still together. He called their status “shaky.” It’s also reported that Madison has scrubbed her Instagram of any photos of their relationship. Oof.

When pressed on the social media remodel Austen commented “Does that surprise you? We are always kind of up and down, but considering that we are so strong on these first couple of episodes…” Wait. Is he hinting that the split may be shown as more episodes air?


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In the end, Austen still considers Madison his soulmate. He said, “I feel like when we’re together, like, I can take it on; I can take on whatever…That’s a good feeling to have. She makes me want to be better. Like, be successful, the kind of person that deserves to be in a loving, committed relationship.” D’awwww


[Photo Credit: Bravo]