90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess

On last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance  more couples begin their journey, while others are still preparing for their turn. I honestly can’t wait for the shit show to unfold. It’s only a matter of time before these people start showing their true personalities and intentions. Red flags are waving in the wind and tempers are ready to boil over. Something tells me things are about to get very interesting.

Julia pushes Brandon to confront his parents yet again. After meeting Jovi‘s mom, Yara feels even more uncomfortable. Andrew hopes to get his French fiancée; Amira to the U.S. Hazel Cagalitan is surprised by  Tarik Myers‘s living conditions. Let’s get straight to the 90 Day Fiance recap!

Brandon, 27 (Dinwiddie, VA), and Julia, 26 (Russia)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess

Julia is NOT happy that Brandon still hasn’t stood up to his parents about staying in different bedrooms until they get married. She also isn’t a fan of the tight schedule that Mama Brandon has planned so that they have zero alone time together. But once they finally go sightseeing, Julia has a ball taking enough selfies to last a lifetime. Brandon attempts to speak to his mom again about Julia’s disdain for sleeping in separate rooms. SMH! Insert side eye.


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What the hell makes this girl believe that she can live in someone else’s house and tell them what they should be comfortable with? Brandon is clearly a pushover because he knows that his parents aren’t going to budge and he isn’t in a position to make demands.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess

Brandon is finally able to sneak Julia away for some one on one time. He is forced to break the news that they will have to abide by his parent’s rules because they can’t afford to move out right now.  Julia isn’t happy and is concerned that his mom will cause problems in their relationship down the road. She makes it clear that she expects to come first in his life from this point on. Hmm… Let’s see how that works out. Brandon is a mama’s boy and an only child who still lives and works for his parents.

Jovi, 29 (New Orleans, LA), and Yara, 25 (Ukraine)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess

Yara finally meets Jovi’s mother down on the bayou. Despite his recommendation that she dress casually for the occasion, she shows up in a complete leather outfit. Just when things seem to be going well, the topic of the wedding comes up. Naturally, Jovi’s mom wants to do something special for the wedding, but Yara refuses. She doesn’t want to do anything because her family can’t be in attendance. Although I understand not wanting your family to feel left out, what did she expect when she decided to get married in the U.S.?


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Of course his family wants to celebrate him and his nuptials, but Yara isn’t one to back down. This is definitely a standoff in the making. I don’t see either woman changing their stance anytime soon. Whew, Yara may be a little too high maintenance for this bayou boy. After dinner, she complains to Jovi about the dinner his mom cooked and trashes his town. SMH… I only see things going further downhill from here.

Andrew, 32 (Roseville, CA), and Amira, 28 (France)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess

Andrew, a daycare provider got tired of having no one to share his house full of other people’s children with.  He created an online dating profile when he decided that he was ready to settle down and start a family of his own. When he met Amira, they both felt an instant connection and made plans to meet for a romantic week in Las Vegas. That same weekend, Andrew proposed. They filed for the K-1 Visa and got approved. But now they have to figure out how to get Amira into the U.S. during Covid-19 before her visa expires. Andrew believes he may have found a loophole, by going through Mexico if they are lucky.

Andrew meets with his sister, Connie to give her an early baby shower gift. Unfortunately, Connie’s baby shower is the same timeframe as his Mexico trip. Although she isn’t happy, her biggest concern is whether her brother is making a mistake marrying Amira. Apparently, Andrew and her views on having children no longer align. When they first met, she wanted to get married and have kids as soon as possible, but lately she no longer seems to want that.


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90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess

Amira meets with her dad, Hamdi about her relationship with Andrew.  He has concerns that his daughter’s heart will not be safe with him in another country. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t think a trip to Mexico during a pandemic is wise for health and safety reasons. Amira agrees, but since Andrew gave her an ultimatum, she feels she must prove her love by going. I don’t know what is going on in this relationship, but I have a feeling that we have only just seen the tip of the iceberg.

Tarik, 46 (Virginia Beach, VA), and Hazel, 28 (Philippines)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess

Tariq meets with his friend, Angela to be led astray in his fashion choices for an outfit to wear to the airport to meet Hazel. Just because Hazel’s favorite color is powder blue doesn’t mean that you should show up in a full suit that color. The outfit screams I’m trying way too hard. Ugh… Tariq is weird.  When Hazel finally arrives, he is moved to tears.

Despite Hazel’s usual unemotional demeanor, she seems somewhat happy to be in America with him. When she arrives at his house, despite it being much larger than her home, she can’t help but notice that Tariq didn’t bother to clean up for her. His house isn’t totally disgusting, but he definitely could have straightened up a bit more. I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. I think Hazel is about to turn Tariq’s world completely upside down.


Mike, 35 (Sequim, WA), and Natalie, 35 (Ukraine)

90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess

Mike and Natalie’s romantic weekend in Seattle has finally come to an end and now it’s time for her to face his reality. First on the list is for Natalie to meet Uncle Beau, the man she just kicked out of Mike’s home. This meeting was totally awkward. She did everything from showing excitement that Beau left, to asking him how much he drinks and her gushing about his great style. Huh? I don’t know if she was nervous or if she was making observations and saying the opposite of what she really thought.

When Natalie arrives in her new home, she isn’t impressed. Mike tries to push her to tell him what she thinks but she just says she is overwhelmed. I don’t think he is ready to hear that she thinks his house is cold, small, and dirty and looks like a scene in a horror movie. She probably should have asked for a home tour on a video call, before she moved. It’s clear she is starting to regret leaving her life for his. I give them another week before Natalie freaks out on him.

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90 Day Fiance Recap: Bless This Mess


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