90 Day Fiance Fans Raise Money For Jihoon Lee’s Custody Battle ; Deavan Clegg’s Mom Elicia Discourages Donations

Jihoon Lee has been remarkably quiet on social media since he split from Deavan Clegg.  Considering the accusations that she made against him, including abusing her daughter, it’s commendable that all Jihoon has said is that he is ashamed of how he was portrayed on the show.

Now that the couple separated and Deavan has moved on with actor Topher Park, their story transitions into an international custody battle.  Not that 90 Day Fiance needs to exploit this family further by filming it.  But whether you are team Deavan or team Jihoon, the obvious question is what happens next?

Deavan’s mother Elicia revealed that divorce proceedings have begun when she spoke with John Yates.  The reality TV blogger interviewed her over the weekend to get the tea on what is happening now that Deavan will not be returning to Korea.

Presumably, Jihoon will be fighting for his legal rights as a father.  It will be challenging.  It will be expensive.  Nothing about shuffling a baby between continents will be easy.  That’s why one of Jihoon’s fans set up a GoFundMe to pay for his legal fees.

The account’s description is to “help Jihoon in the custody battle of his wonderful son, Taeyang.”  And, “their story garnered international attention from a U.S.-based television show and now he needs our help ensuring his rights as a father are fully exercised.”


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Jihoon is not associated with the account and has yet to comment.  Elicia, did not hold back.

“I saw it and I thought it was sad because there’s so many starving children right now,” Elicia expressed her opinion to John Yates that the money could be better spent elsewhere.  Like on Deavan’s plastic surgery.

Elicia revealed that the cast would have been recently paid for the season.  So Jihoon would have roughly $12,000 at his disposal.  But viewers will remember that Jihoon has issues with saving money.  Elicia eluded to this when she said, “I was sad that people think so little of Jihoon’s ability to make money that they’re going to beg people to give money to a Korean man that just got paid from a reality TV show.”


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The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that, as of Sunday, only $55 of the $50,000 goal was raised before the link went inactive the following day.  The founder, Amanda Grayce Crosby made a statement on her Instagram.  She wrote that the account was “temporarily hidden,” due to “hiccups that are being taken care of.”

Amanda claimed that resistance from Deavan’s supporters is hindering the fundraiser.  “This morning I was made aware that the campaign was temporarily hidden while administrators talk to me,” Amanda wrote, “I saw this coming a mile away considering the amount of messages I received from Deavan’s people warning me they would report the campaign, which was also very predictable of them.  I stated before that I will defend this GoFundMe to the end.”

She continued, “Once these little hiccups are taken care of, the page will reappear.  It is only in its infancy, so I’m not too concerned about it.  I will keep working on the other areas like setting up the trust fund with a lawyer.  It’s only been a couple of days, and these things do not happen overnight.  I appreciate your support and patience.”


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Elicia made sure to discourage fans from donating.  She told John Yates that the money is not needed.

“The litigation has already begun and nobody can talk about it,” Elicia opined, “so the $50,000, I don’t know what that’s gonna do because it’s already in process.”

It remains to be seen how effective this GoFundMe will be.  Or how this divorce will play out.  It’s not entertainment value at this point, there is a young child involved.  Hopefully, Taeyang can have a meaningful relationship with both of his parents.


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