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Whitney Rose Disassociates Herself From Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Friend Sara McArthur Pierce Who Was Seemingly At The Recent Riots At The Capitol

Whitney Rose racked up a lot of conflict with her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City costars.  In the latest episode, Whitney picked Sharrieff Shah’s birthday as the ideal venue to relay some gossip to Jen Shah.  The origin of the gossip was Jen’s arch nemesis Mary Cosby  and pitted Jen against her friends Meredith Marks and Lisa BarlowBy the end of it, the ladies had turned against Whitney.

But it was Whitney’s interaction with Sara McArthur Pierce that has created more calamitous issues for her.  Sara is a friend to the housewives.  She has a penchant for confusing their birthdays and serving paltry snacks to her house guests.  Sliced apple and pecans?  All joking aside, it’s a potential guilt by association that Whitney is trying to distance herself from.

It has come to light that Sara was at the riots this past Wednesday at our nations capitol.  A fan shared photos of Sara, writing,”Sara, who made an appearance on this week’s RHOSLC was also in attendance on Wednesday during the ‘peaceful protests’ and insurrection in Washington D.C.”

After that, Whitney was quick to do damage control and distance herself from Sara.  The next day, she tweeted the following statement.  “I am devastated by the events that took place at The Capitol Wednesday,” Whitney wrote.

She insisted, “I was not there and DO NOT agree with it.  Humanity needs more love and understanding right now.  Let’s stop the hate.”


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Jen came to Whitney’s defense, which is interesting considering the state of their friendship during the last episode.  At least we know they were able to make amends from that epic fight at Coach Shahs’ birthday.

Queens of Bravo posted a screenshot of Jen’s Instagram stories.  “I’d like to comment on this as well,” Jen wrote. In addition, Jen shared, “I recently had a conversation with Whitney Rose about some difficult topics regarding systematic racism, colorism, white privilege, etc.”

Jen said, “I can tell you from my personal conversation with her that she in no way supports the protests or violence that happened at our nation’s capitol.”


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According to Jen, Whitney spoke to her in genuine authenticity and out of concern for the current political situation.  This girl puts action into “keeping it real.”

“She’s one of very few people that have proactively reached out to me after the protests asking to be an ally and part of the change we so desperately need right now in our country,”  Jen concluded.


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