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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Whitney Rose Says Lisa Barlow And Jen Shah Are “Relentless” In Going After Her; Says Jen “Cannot Stand To Not Be The Center Of Attention”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is here, and it doesn’t disappoint. During the premiere episode, we met a diverse group of women with different ethnicities, religions, and varying degrees of being “extra.”

The RHOSLC star who is the most extra is Jen Shah. She threw an extravagant birthday party for Meredith Marks, but it was really all about Jen.  Jen wasted no time wading into controversy by telling her teenage son that if you kiss a girl, “Guess what, you can contract herpes, probably AIDS.” Obviously, that isn’t true, but why should the truth get in Jen’s way?

One of my favorite Salt Lake City Housewives is Whitney Rose. Her tagline is, “This rose isn’t scared to handle a little prick.” You go, girl!

Whitney is the cousin of RHOSLC co-star Heather Gay. During the premiere episode, we saw Whitney renew her vows with her husband, Justin Rose. The duo has a scandalous back-story. Whitney and Justin fell in love when they were both married to other people. As a result, they are not a part of the Mormon Church. “It is a very big deal that I’m not Mormon anymore,” Whitney shared in her confessional.


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So, Whitney planned the vow renewal to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. She also revealed that friends and family are just starting to accept their marriage–finally.

And, of course, Whitney celebrated by changing into a top and shorts for the reception so that she could dance and twirl on a stripper pole. As we all do, right?

Whitney recently told Entertainment Tonight about what they can expect to see during RHOSLC. “I think you should be watching out for my relationships with Lisa [Barlow] and Jen [Shah],” Whitney stated.


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Whitney called Jen an “in your face” pot-stirrer, who loves to create drama. She also added that Jen and her bestie, Lisa, are “relentless” when it comes to her.

In the series premiere, we learned that Lisa is “Jewish by heritage, Mormon by choice” and owns several alcohol brands with her husband. Since the Mormon Church frowns on drinking alcohol, you know that Lisa isn’t a stranger to creating a buzz (pun intended!)

But Jen refuses to let anyone else shine. “She cannot stand to not be the center of attention. Jen is a big personality — and I love attention, obviously all six of us do,” Whitney explained.


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“We’re on a Housewives show — but it’s difficult for Jen when the spotlight moves to other people.” I figured that out when Jen was wielding a bedazzled microphone to bark orders at people.

Whitney added that she was “disappointed’ by Jen’s diva-like behavior this season. From RHOSLC previews, it certainly looks like Jen is in the thick of all the drama this season–just the way she likes it.


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