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Captain Lee Rosbach Says Rob Phillips Is “Bitter” About Izzy Wouters’ Promotion; Izzy Slams Rob For Misogynist Behavior On Below Deck

Unfortunately, the sexism is rampant throughout the Below Deck franchise. Yes, that statement isn’t applicable to every single person on the boat. However, it’s an issue that the cast encounters practically every season.

Bosun Eddie Lucas promoted Izzy Wouters to the lead deckhand position with Captain Lee Rosbach’s blessing. Instead of congratulating Izzy on the promotion, acknowledging her hard work/aptitude, or just giving her any modicum of respect on deck, James Hough and Rob Phillips joked at her expense, making it clear that they didn’t take her seriously as leader.

When Captain Lee watched the latest episode, he tweeted, “Rob, bitter much, no it wasn’t Captain, but it was a promotion, and she got it and guess what, you didn’t. Hmmmm.” That was in reference to Rob telling Izzy, “It’s not like you got promoted to captain. You just got promoted to lead shammy.”

Speaking of which, a fan tweeted side by side photos of Izzy and Rob, describing her as “lead shammy” and him as “ass wipe,” which prompted an “LOL” from Izzy herself.

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A Below Deck viewer tweeted, “What happened to this guy? You’re behaving like a dick, rob.” In response, Izzy declared, “His two personalities are quoting movies and misogyny.” When a fan said, “Izzy needs to stay the queen she is and rise above the misogynistic douchebags,” Izzy replied that she was “trying!”

She also shared some interesting retweets to convey her perspective, including, “Props to Izzy for dealing with the bs. She does her job right and speaks up because she needs to.”

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Someone else referenced Below Deck misogynist alum Ashton Pienaar, tweeting, “Rob, join Ashton and the other bitch boys and leave my girl Izzy to be a badass. You prick.”

Izzy also retweeted a fan who said, “Rob is so painfully butthurt that he, a 20m ‘captain’, wasn’t promoted to lead, so he has to scoff it off with disrespect and call @WoutersIzzy shit like ‘lead shammy’. Seriously Rob. I expected more from your virginal white man persona. What am I saying? No I didn’t.”

I don’t know what’s worse- the beginning of Rob’s time on the boat when he seemingly had zero personality or now when he just keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

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