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Would Captain Lee Rosbach Ever Work With Rachel Hargrove Again After She Stormed Off The Boat This Season On Below Deck?

Rachel Hargrove knows that she can cook.  She also knows that the Below Deck crew of My Seanna need her more than she needs them, especially given the unraveling of the coronavirus at the time of filming.  One could guess that she would have been welcomed back onto the boat, given that no alternative chef was available.

Of course, Rachel had to get the ok from Captain Lee Rosbach first.  To Captain Lee, expendable crew are just that, and he’s not one to indulge people with their emotional issues.  But desperate times, and Rachel’s undeniable talent as a chef forced Captain Lee to bring her back.  The question is, would he choose to work with her again?

As far Below Deck chefs go, Rachel is in the top tier.  Perhaps on par with Adrian Martin.  She has nailed every single meal this season, and manages her kitchen with efficiency.  Even Captain Lee has taken notice, and he rarely throws out compliments.  The only issues in the galley are orders lost in translation between Chief Stew Francesca Rubi and Rachel.

Perhaps Rachel does not have the most refined of personalities.  If she needed to be interacting with the guests more than that might be a problem.  Otherwise she just expressing herself in some very vulgar ways for the crew’s amusement in the galley.


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An asset in the galley, Rachel’s weakness is her hard partying and inability to cut herself off before she starts to act completely bizarre.  A captain would have to judge whether that liability outweighs the benefits of having an extremely talented chef, albeit one that may run off the boat if she gets really flustered.

Andy Cohen asked Captain Lee if he would work with Rachel again on a recent Watch What Happens Live episode.  Taking all the points into account,  Captain Lee answered, “she already made her mea culpa, so uh, I’ve always been a big believer in second chances and uh, she earned one.”

Rachel made it clear when she returned that she would put all her effort into redeeming herself.  It looks like she accomplished that.


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