Below Deck Rachel Hargrove

Rachel Hargrove Slams Below Deck Bosun Eddie Lucas For Talking About His Issues With Her, But Never Approaching Her Directly

Eddie Lucas returned to Below Deck after doing enough penance for hooking up with kooky stew Rocky Dakota.  He is highly skilled as a Bosun and knows how to be on a reality show without totally embarrassing himself, except for the previously mentioned incident.

Eddie is back on the show, but acts like he is over it already.  He hangs out in the wheelhouse with Captain Lee Rosbach to gossip about the rest of the crew.  Some of it is warranted attention, mainly anything to do with the erratic Chef Rachel Hargrove.  But now, almost a year since filming, Rachel is questioning why Eddie discussed his issues with everyone except her.

Rachel did give her crew a reason to dislike her.  She quit hours before a charter, only to return with the expectation that her coworkers accept her erratic behavior.

Then there are the drunken antics on crew off-days.  It takes a lot of stamina to wrangle in a buzzed Rachel, and Eddie really did not appreciate being involved.

But Eddie never once spoke to Rachel directly.  Even a year later, he is posting on social media and giving interviews airing the same grievances.  And that’s how she found out.  Recently, Rachel shared her thoughts with EntertainmentTonight.


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Rachel revealed that she had no idea Eddie felt negatively towards her because he never addressed the issue directly.  She expressed surprise, saying, “it was funny to me, ’cause I was like, just tell me.”

“I’m the kind of person who you have to just lay your cards on the table,” Rachel said, “for him to go on to social media and go onto other interviews and carry it over after a year, I was actually surprised. I was like, you took that to heart, didn’t ya? It wasn’t like I took a dump in his Cheerios. I don’t understand why he’s crying about it now.”

In her unique, blunt way, Rachel expressed a valid point.  Will she or Eddie ever work together again?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]