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Cherie Chan And Husband Jessey Lee Hesitant To Return If Bling Empire Gets Season 2

There were so many big personalities on Netflix’s new hit, Bling Empire. Between Anna Shay and Christine Chiu, sometimes it was hard for other cast members to shine.

One of my personal favorites fell into that description. Cherie Chan was introduced to us late, right around the time when she was going to have her second baby. Her story line wasn’t a totally unfamiliar one. She was impatiently waiting on longtime boyfriend, Jessey Lee, to pop the question. While she waited, her mother passed away. She also had the couples’ second baby. Who she spent a few episodes believing was the reincarnate of her mother. SPOILER ALERT – the couple ended the season with Cherie romantically popping the question to Jessey. They are now married. Love it!

But the adorable couple isn’t so sure they are ready to jump back in front of the cameras. Cherie recently spoke to Distractify about possible plans for season 2. She started, “Jessey and I talked about potentially not coming back for Season 2. We don’t know. We might, we might not.” Still, Cherie added that they were “very grateful” for how the show impacted fans.

Part of the reason holding them back might be that they are super busy in their respective lives. They have two kids, a tequila business and their own IT company. Cherie is also interested in starting a skincare line. She teased she will soon release details about it. According to Cherie, “It depends because Jessey’s so busy with all of his businesses. I’m starting to get really busy with the kids and my own business. We might or we might not; we don’t know.”


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Cherie also admitted that she almost didn’t do the show in the first place. At the time of the show being cast, she was caring for her terminally ill mother. And her mom wasn’t really into the idea of Cherie and Jessey doing the show. Eventually, she gave Cherie her blessing and Cherie signed on. Cherie explained, “When we found out that the show had been picked up by Netflix, we weren’t sure if we should do the show. We were so busy with my mom.” She continued, “I remember going to the hospital and talking to my mom and telling her that the show got picked up. The whole time, she was against me filming. At that moment, she was like, ‘No, you should do it.'”

Her mom’s death played out on the show, with friends Kane Lim and Kevin Kreider showing up for her in a big way. They even went to visit Cherie’s mom in the hospital, which she mentioned on the show. Their friendship is what helped her change her mind and ultimately, sign on to the show. “My mom had known Kane and Kevin too because they had gone to the hospital to visit her. She really liked them, and she thought that they were such great people for coming to help me and to help her.”


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Season 2 of Bling Empire hasn’t even been confirmed yet so Cherie and Jessey have some time to think it over. I loved them so I really do hope they come around. I think seeing how they’re raising their kids and managing their business would be pretty interesting. So here’s hoping.


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