Bling Empire Stars Kelly Mi Li And Andrew Gray Want To Get Married And Have A Family

Has anyone else binged Bling Empire multiple times yet? The first season of the Crazy Rich Asians inspired show did not disappoint. There was high drama along with high jewelry. Several of the uber rich cast members actually live in Beverly Hills, unlike everyone on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although, one could say Erika Jayne is now the closest of the bunch, living Beverly Hills adjacent alongside the out of work actor crowd. 

Speaking of out of work actors, no one’s favorite red Power Ranger, Andrew Gray, made quite the splash on the show. His tumultuous relationship with Kelly Mi Li shocked viewers. For example, on a special trip to Paris, Andrew had a full on melt down. He screamed at Kelly over the phone for not waking him up to tell him she was going shopping with billionaire heiress, Anna Shay. This behavior even traumatized Anna, who was one of the most zen cast members on the show. Still, this isn’t stopping the couple from moving forward and talking about big plans they have for the future.  

Viewers saw both Andrew and Kelly going to couples therapy on the show after the screaming incident in Paris. Kelly decided it was best for them to separate and live in different homes, however Kelly still made it a point to visit Andrew quite often. Not much of a separation! The couple has remained in therapy separately, and it must be working because they are now officially back together. 

Kelly and Andrew still haven’t moved into the same home yet, but that’s not stopping them from discussing where they hope to go next in their relationship. According to E! News, next steps could include marriage and kids. And hopefully a lot more therapy!

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Ever the cautious one, Andrew apparently “already feels married” to Kelly.  He said, “We’ve been together…we’re going on seven years. I would love to get back in the home with my wife. To me, love is not just a piece of paper, it’s a union between two souls, two flames that become one.” Um, does someone need to inform Andrew that Kelly isn’t actually his wife until she signs the marriage certificate?

Andrew added, “It’s just simple: when you know it, you know it. When you feel it, you feel it. I knew it the first time I kissed her—and after that I couldn’t see my life without her.” I have a feeling Andrew has said that exact same phrase about all of his girlfriends. 


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On the flip side, it should come as no surprise that Kelly is not quite on the same page as Andrew. Kelly said, “We’re still living separate right now, separate households. You know, for us, we want to take our time, we want to do it right—and we are doing it right.” 

Kelly continued, “We have the rest of our lives together. So, no reason to ‘rush.’ But we do want to have a family, we do want to have kids in the future and have little Drew and little Kelly running around.” Does Kelly purposefully tune out what Andrew says? Because if she listened, Andrew was not about taking his time. 


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If we are lucky enough to get a second season of Bling Empire, I have a feeling that’s when Andrew will pop the question to Kelly. It will be interesting to see if Andrew truly has changed by that point, or if this was all lip service and no action. 


[Photo Credit: Netflix]