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Kate Chastain Names Her Dream Below Deck Crew Members

Adrienne Gang may have been the chief stew for the first season of Below Deck, but it’s longtime cast member Kate Chastain that’s become synonymous with the show.  Does anyone even register the name Francesca Rubi?

Kate’s pithy and direct commentary about her crew mates is greatly missed, but at least we have her on Galley Talk.

So of course, when Kate spoke to Us Weekly to promote Below Deck Galley Talk, she was asked to name her dream team.

It’s no surprise that Kate would want to work with Captain Lee Rosbach again.  Kate, and Lee are relics from the Below Deck past that worked together with Eddie Lucas in the early seasons.  Eddie, like Kate, is not the original bosun but is the one viewers remember.  Especially for hooking up with former stew Rocky Dakota in the laundry room.


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Kate already sang Rachel Hargrove’s praises and named her as the chef she would want in the galley.  Rounding out her interior would be her bestie Josiah Carter and Courtney Skippon.

Kate has less of an opinion about the deck crew as she, “probably [doesn’t] talk to them very much,” since leaving the show.  “I don’t really care about the rest of the deck crew,” Kate opined.  The one exception is Connie Arias, who has a great rapport with Kate on Galley Talk.


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Another former colleague that Kate stays in contact with is Josiah.  They were a dream team on Season 6.  He is a trained butler and clearly buffered Kate’s dry humor very well.

Though they are residing in different time zones, Kate and Josiah make an effort to keep in touch.  They last spoke when Kate reached out to congratulate him and his partner after they adopted a dog.

“He’s [in] a different time zone in Mallorca or Manchester,” Kate said of Josiah, “but they did just get a dog — him and his lovely partner Michael — so I kind of sent him a little message from my dog saying, ‘Can’t wait to meet you!’” 

All this talk of Below Deck brings up hopes for a comeback Kate.

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