Captain Lee Dishes On Which Bravo Stars He Would Like To Have As Crew Members

We are already a few weeks into the Below Deck season and are starting to get a read on the new crew. It appears that at least a few of the crew members will be stirring up high seas drama. Chef Kevin Dobson has already raised the ire of chief stew Kate Chastain by calling her out for poor service at the first crew meeting. No good can come of that! Plus, Kevin has already stirred up a full season of drama in just two episodes with his intestinal issues. Pity the poor charter guests who are now watching the show knowing that he prepared their food!

Crabby third stew Courtney Skippon whines more than any crew member I have ever seen. What’s so bad about being on a yacht making great money in beautiful Thailand? It’s not like you are serving time in a Russian prison, Courtney! You have to wonder what it would be like to be Captain Lee Rosbach and have to deal with some of these characters. What would happen if he could pick his own dream crew for Below Deck?

In an interview with Page Six, Captain Lee shared his thoughts about who he would–and would not like–as crew members from Bravo Land. He began by explaining, “I think there might be one or two I’d like to have on there just to mess with.”

One person Captain Lee would like to have aboard to toy with would be Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules. He shared, “I’d have some fun with Jax.” Raise your hand if you agree!

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Captain Lee would apparently like to put Jax and similarly questionable crew members through the wringer. He stated, “They couldn’t get away, and I just got to keep them. No matter what I put them through, they had to stay. That would be Jax.” Sea sickness cleanup in the hot tub, Jax!

Potential crew member Jax and Captain Lee have somewhat of a strained relationship and have gone back and forth with mutual Twitter shade. No longer, however. Jax has since blocked Captain Lee. I have a feeling Captain Lee is not staying up at night worrying about it.

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As for other crew members?  There are a few Real Housewives of New York Captain Lee would consider for his crew.  He said, “I think Dorinda [Medley] might make a good crew member.” Dorinda has talked before of her waitressing experience, so she might make a passable stew. Kate also picked Dorinda as dream crew member recently. Dorinda could probably teach a class of 80’s deck aerobics on the fly and we all know she is experienced with cocktails!

Captain Lee also thinks Bethenny Frankel might be a good fit as a Valor crew member. He stated, “Bethenny would [be a potential fit], but she couldn’t find the time.” As we all know, Bethenny would not board the yacht unless she owned it and was captain, chef, chief stew and bosun.

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According to Captain Lee, there is an RHONY lady he would absolutely not like on board. Take a wild guess who that might be. Captain Lee revealed, “One that I would definitely stay away from would be Ramona [Singer].”

That hiring veto is easy to understand. Ramona is the kind of person who fancies herself as a yacht guest, not a lowly crew member. She would have her fellow crewmates hanging up her clothes and doing all of her assigned work by mesmerizing them with her sultry catwalk eyes!

One Housewives franchise Captain Lee wants zero part of is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He declared, “I can’t think of one on that crew that would be good for the show.”

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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave would annoy her fellow crew members with her need to always be right. Kyle Richards’ penchant for crying and her inability to handle conflict would make her an easy crew target. And Erika Jayne would be chagrined to discover that her pat-the-puss dance moves and lip sync skills were not appreciated by her fellow yachties. Or most anywhere else, for that matter. Sorry, Erika!


[Photo Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo]