Heather Dubrow Questions Jen Shah For Going On Reality TV IF She Was Running A Scam

You don’t have to be a member of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City or a celebrity in general to question what Jen Shah was doing on reality TV.  As per official court documents, Jen was accused of running a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme.  Was she aware of her involvement in alleged illegal dealings? It’s necessary to note that nothing has been proven at this time, and Jen pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Jen either unwittingly put herself in a more precarious situation, or some level of narcissism had her feeling invincible.  Either way, everyone in the Real Housewives circuit has an opinion, and some alums are coming out of the wood-work to share theirs.

Heather Dubrow always prided herself on being just a little bit more refined, a bit more polished than the rabble on Real Housewives of Orange County.  And after leaving the show, she decided to start a podcast to share her much sought-after opinion.

It’s on this platform that Heather shared her thoughts about Jen.  Daily Soapdish reported Heather was shocked that Jen would seek to go on reality TV.

“I just can’t imagine how people go on these show and know that this is going on,” Heather said.  Heather is assuming Jen was aware of the situation.  At this point Jen has not admitted to any wrong-doing.

Heather revealed her own feeling of vulnerability when she joined the show.  That the exposure and interest could unearth some past missteps.


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She explained, “before I went on Housewives, I said to [my husband Terry Dubrow], ‘what are they going to find out about me?’ And he said, ‘what do you mean?  What did you do?…You’re fine.'”

If Jen even had an inkling that her telemarketing business was shady, the last place she should have put herself was in the public eye.

“It always comes out,” Heather said, “I know they were investigating [Jen’s situation for a while], but I have to assume if you’re investigating something, and all of a sudden you see this woman on ads and television and the whole thing, wouldn’t it piss you off so much that you’d go full throttle?”


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Not only that, but here is RHOSLC footage, served on a bedazzled platter, of Jen reveling in her extravagant lifestyle.  One that was allegedly financed by scamming the working class Americans.  Those optics made not help her case.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]