90 Day Fiance Alum Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Is Married

Does anyone miss seeing Baby Girl Lisa Hamme onscreen?  The 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days alum flew to Nigeria to meet her online love on Season 4 to see if the two could make it work.  While her trip and relationship with Usman Umar will be forever memorialized with a Nigerian pop hit, Lisa and Usman didn’t last.

There was palpable tension between them, stemming from cultural differences and Lisa’s insecurity about infidelity.  Whether it was warranted or not depends on who you ask, but the result was that Lisa was very abrasive onscreen.  That could be fantastic for entertainment views, but Lisa crossed a line when she called Usman a racial slur during the reunion filming.  The verbal abuse was edited out, but she still suffered the fallout.  Lisa was dropped from TLC and has been estranged from Usman since.

But Lisa finally found her happiness with someone that’s been in her life for a long time.  Earlier this week, Lisa announced that she and her childhood sweetheart tied the knot.

Lisa made the announcement on her Instagram page Monday night.  She wrote, “married my best friend April 22, 2021!!!!”  The post includes an image of Lisa and her new spouse showing off their rings as they hold hands.  The picture is set to the song, “He’s One Of The Good Ones” by Gabby Barrett.

Reality TV blogger and friend John Yates shared a screenshot of the original post.  “Lisa and her new husband Tracey who have known each other since the fifth grade,” John added.


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There is no other information included in the post, but Lisa did speak with John Yates Monday night on his Youtube channel.  Lisa made it clear that she wanted to control the flow of information about her marriage, and that John has guided her in the publicity game since she was on the show.

Lisa explained that her relationship with Usman was strained from the moment she reached Nigeria.  She claimed that, “Usman was already texting another woman when he arrived in Nigeria.”  And she heard Usman call his relationship with Lisa a “project,” while speaking with a music producer.

When Lisa left Nigeria, she explained that she was done with the marriage.  “I was coming home to restart my life with Tracey,” Lisa explained.

“Our lives have intermingled throughout the years,” Lisa said of her husband.


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Tracey stepped back to let Lisa pursue a potential future with Usman.  When Lisa and Usman didn’t work out, Tracey was there to give her support.  Not only emotionally, but during a time when Lisa was dealing with health issues.  Tracey was taking care of her during a five month period when Lisa couldn’t stand due to a toe injury.

“I married my childhood sweetheart,” Lisa told John, “we met in the fifth grade and we are now in our fifties.  There was some rivalry between him and Usman.  But, you know, Tracey and I we belong together.”

It looks like Lisa had love right next to her the whole time.  Maybe it took embarking on something totally different to get her to appreciate it.

Of course, Lisa is still technically married to Usman in Nigeria.  She says the legality of the marriage does not extend to the United States.


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[Photo Credit: TLC]