Meghan King Edmonds Says Jen Shah Is “Probably” Guilty; She “Can’t Believe Jen Went On Reality Television”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City only recently finished their first season. And truthfully, it was one of the strongest first seasons from a franchise that we’ve seen in well, forever. Bravo really nailed the casting, right down to their heroes (Heather Gay) and villains (Jen Shah).

But as we have recently come to learn, Jen isn’t just a villain on screen. She might also be one off screen, having been busted by the feds for alleged shady business practices. It’s true, throughout the season, her castmates had questions about what exactly it is that Jen does. Her husband is a college coach but we all know that’s not bringing in chalet money. Even if it was a rental. Nah, Jen was always dressed to the nines in designer clothes and had multiple assistants, plus a glam squad. And everyone was wondering for what. We never got our answer on the show. But now we think we might have an idea.

Jen’s arrest during the filming of season two certainly sent shock waves through the Bravo universe. But Bravolebrities were largely quiet about their thoughts on the matter. Sure, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but doesn’t anyone have something to say about this? Please, I beg of you housewives, bring the MESS.

One person is willing to give her thoughts and that’s Meghan King Edmonds. While she’s not a housewife anymore, she’s still an important part of Bravo history and I’m not surprised that she weighed in. On a recent Instagram Live with S’mores, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star gave her thoughts on the Jen legal drama.


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When the host asked her thoughts on Jen and her alleged allegations, Meghan quickly responded, “Can’t f*cking believe she went on reality television.” Meghan didn’t even miss a beat with that one and let’s face it, she said what we were all thinking. How dumb do you have to be to not have all of your affairs in order when you’re showing the whole world your life?

As to whether Jen is guilty or not, Meghan went on to answer, “I don’t know. But like, she’s got some evidence stacked against her, otherwise she wouldn’t have been indicted.” Once again, Meghan speaking for the fans! Later in the chat, she was asked that same question. In response, she remarked, “I don’t know, probably.”


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We don’t know if Jen is guilty of anything. We only know the pending charges against her from her indictment. But hear me out – given Meghan’s investigating skills we’ve seen in the past, she’s the one (ex) housewife who could get to the bottom of it.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]