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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Producers Reportedly “Traumatized” By Jen Shah Arrest While Filming

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is gearing up for the most epic second season ever, thanks to the mess that is Jen Shah. She’s taking cues from Teresa Giudice in more ways than one, including facing federal fraud and money laundering charges. The allegations are that Jen and her assistant Stuart Smith were part of a telemarketing scheme that targets the elderly, and could face up to 30 years in prison. This is after she spent all of Season One showing off her outrageous wealth and spending. 30 years is a long time without glam. Or spa treatments. Or Coach Shah pep talks.

But in true Jen fashion, she is avoiding responsibility by pleading not guilty and defending her innocence in tone-deaf Instagram posts. Bravo promises to show fans as much as they legally can about the drama. The cameras were there the day Jen went to the courthouse donning a furry jacket and leopard heel boots in true Disney villain fashion. And while Andy Cohen is “praying” the allegations aren’t true, other housewives are throwing in their two cents, saying Jen is pretty dumb for signing up for a reality show if she had all of this going on. That really hasn’t worked out well for anyone — just look at what’s happening with Erika Jayne. 

There was word on the street that Jen got tipped off about her arrest while filming for a cast trip. Now, more rumors are swirling of exactly what happened at the arrest. According to an anonymous source to Tamara Tattles says that production was “traumatized” when the feds showed up. Which honestly isn’t too surprising — Jen has a history of traumatizing her castmates and members of her Shah Squad. And blaming everything on other people. It’s just her M.O.

Apparently, and none of this is confirmed, the ladies were about halfway through filming when they were leaving for a cast trip. They were allegedly “en route to Colorado” to film when they showed up. The source doubles down that Sharrieff gave Jen a heads up that the feds were looking for her, which begs the question of how much he did or didn’t know about this whole scheme. Jen made up an excuse to leave the trip, which shocked production.


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The police were asking production where Jen was and wanted answers from the showrunners, but they didn’t know. It’s likely that Jen lied to production about why she had to leave. “It was traumatic for all involved,” the source said. But the rest of the cast made their way to Colorado after the ordeal. Without Jen, because she can’t leave the state anymore.

It wasn’t clear if the feds pulled over a van with the cast and crew while they were en route to the airport or what, as the details are pretty sparse. But we know that Jen likely made up an excuse to leave, lied to producers and let them deal with the cops in an attempt to flee. In the words of Tamra Judge, “what an idiot.” I wonder what Brooks Marks has to say about all of this. 


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