Hannah Berner Apologizes For Making Fun Of Luke Gulbranson’s Mental Health On Podcast

While summer 2021 is just beginning, fans had to say goodbye to Season 5 of Summer House last night in an explosive reunion that finally ended with Lindsay Hubbard getting her sandwich for a change. And to be honest, I’m super sad about it. This season of Summer House was amazing. We saw Carl Radke make a total transformation from f*ckboy to most eligible bachelor. Amanda Batula and Hannah Berner’s friendship was tested thanks to Hannahs’s neverending feud with Kyle Cooke. Every episode was filled with drama and hilarities even though the good vibe tribe was stuck in a Lover Boy-filled house for six weeks. Like Kyle, I’m thankful for Summer House, sharks, family and friends, in that order.

Part two of the reunion continued to expose Hannah’s bad behavior this season. Her friendship with Amanda and Kyle seems beyond repair. Lindsay and Danielle Olivera are over her “jokes” about her castmates she makes to the press, on podcasts and anywhere else willing to give her a quote. And the ongoing back and forth with Luke Gulbranson reached a nasty breaking point.

And after all the “apologizing” Hannah did during the reunion, she still had some sorrys left to say on Instagram. According to PeopleHannah posted on Instagram prior to the reunion addressing some insensitive remarks she made about Luke’s mental health.

The story is that Hannah was a guest on the Puddles with Andrew Collin podcast in February 2020. On the show, Hannah told a story about her fling with a guy she refers to as “rings,” who fans believe is Luke. She said he was still getting over a bad breakup, and we know Luke ended an engagement with a partner after three years. She insinuated that he “wanted attention” when talking about wanting to end his life. To make matters worse, she apparently asked him to hook up while he was trying to vent to her. It’s really very disturbing to listen to.

Fans called out Hannah’s remarks, which prompted online therapy platform Better Help to drop their sponsorship of her podcast. Hannah responded via Instagram, “I’ve recently been made aware of some talk online regarding comments I made on a podcast two years ago referencing suicide ideation and I want to apologize for my insensitivity regarding such a serious topic. I consider myself to be a very fierce advocate for mental health awareness, and I understand that I crossed the line.”

She begins the post by talking about the motive behind her podcast, which is to have “candid, inclusive conversations about mental health.” The apology is thrown in the middle, and she goes on to talk more about her podcast and own mental health struggles. “Tough times are intense learning opportunities, and the adversity we face ultimately makes us stronger. My work in mental health advocacy is so important to me, and I promise to do better,” she continued. It’s important to note she doesn’t outright apologize to Luke or disclose if Luke was the guy she was talking about. But that probably is a better conversation for them to have off of social media, and especially not on a podcast.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]