Below Deck Dani Soares

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Dani Soares Gave Birth To Her Baby

Dani Soares made it perfectly clear that she wanted to have children while working on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.  Not right away of course.  It takes time to peel away the layers.  At first it’s superficial partying with the rest of the Below Deck crew.  Then the nuances of a person start to come out.  Dani craved a more stable life and motherhood.  It became more apparent when she started hooking up with Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux.  She started mentioning moving to America and having babies.  It may have been an off-hand comment, but the heart wants what it wants.

And while she and Jean-Luc likely split up, as there is no news to the contrary, Dani got what she really wanted and announced a surprise pregnancy at the end of April via an Instagram post.  She did not disclose the name of the father, but has a support system in fellow alum and close friend Alli Dore, who is also based in Australia.  Baby Soares even has a play date lined up with Hannah Ferrier’s daughter Ava.

And now that Dani has given birth, she can take Hannah up on that offer.  According an article by E! Online, Dani announced the delivery on May 29th, though it’s not clear if that was the actual birthday of her daughter.  She did not disclose a name.

Indeed, Dani has been very vague on details and only revealed that she was having a girl two weeks ago.  On May 12th, she posted, “I’ve always been a girlie girl, even when I used to spend hours everyday playing RPG.  When I found out I was pregnant, all I really wanted was a healthy baby and didn’t really care about anything else. But now, I’m looking forward to having my little girl and developing that mother and daughter relationship.”

And over the weekend, Dani posted a sweet picture of her daughter clasping her finger in her hand.  The image is captioned, “here is here. she is perfect.  And we trying to figure this thing out.  We both healthy and happy. Thank you for all the support. Will post more once mummy had some rest.”


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The Below Deck family had words of support.  Captain Glenn Shephard wrote, “OMG Congratulations Dani, I’m so proud of you.” Dani responded, “thanks Glenn!  This is way harder than ppl tell you.”  Alli offered support by writing, “super mum!!!!”

Dani got some love from former deck hands Izzy Wouters who added, “can’t wait to meet her!  So proud for you,” and Ciara Duggan.  The deckhand on Season One of Below Deck Sailing Yacht wrote, “congrats Dani!!”  Cast mate, and Gary King stalker, Sydney Zaruba commented “congrats mama!!!”

One name Below Deck viewers haven’t heard in a long time also came up.  OG chief stew Adrienne Gang wrote, “congratulations!!!  This little girl is your greatest adventure yet!  You’ll be amazing!”

All the best to Dani and her baby girl!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]