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Below Deck Alum Kate Chastain Disses Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux

Though Kate Chastain left Below Deck after Season 7 wrapped, she is somewhat still the face of Below Deck.  That honor arguably belongs to Captain Lee Rosbach.  Of course Kate worked along side Captain Lee for five seasons, and her longevity in the industry makes her opinion about all things yachting a reliable one.

And the former Bravo Chat Room host certainly has a unique style when it comes to delivering her opinion. Her dry sense of humor became a staple with viewers.  So of course when something of interest happens on any show in the franchise, Kate will give her opinion.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht has been delivering on Season 2.  There are fights, galley disasters, overbearing guests,  uplifting friendships, and hookups galore.  So much so, that Kate felt inspired to comment to Us Weekly about it.

Kate joked, “it’s like they’re square dancing on that sail yacht.  They’re just, you know, Dosey Doeing and switching partners every episode. I mean, it’s [a] great season.”

Besides the plethora of hookups, this cast really seem to get along.  Daisy Kelliher is a fantastic Chief Stew who manages work relations while being emotionally supportive of her team (do take note Kate), the deck crew work seamlessly together despite the initial hookup between Gary King and Sydney Zaruba, and Chef Natasha De Bourg is competent enough that she doesn’t cause too much drama with the interior.

Kate’s overall analysis of the team is positive.  She “really loves this cast.  Every one of them is strong [and] for the most part is very likable.”


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Of course some of the best, unscripted moments happen off camera but tie into the show in the most unexpected ways.  Like Jen Shah’s arrest.  Kate was asked if she had any theories on the identity of Dani Soares’ baby daddy.  The second stew recently announced her pregnancy, but explained that she will be raising her child as a single mother.

Kate admits she has, “no idea” who the father is but, “it would be such a pretty baby.”  She also thinks Dani will be “fantastic” at raising her daughter.

Season 2 is currently peaking interest with a story line that no one saw coming.  Before Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux got medical confirmation to the contrary, he told squeeze Dani that he had an STD.  Poor Dani freaked out and was ready to quit the rest of the season.

Kate questioned the manner in which Jean-Luc handled the situation.  She joked, “don’t know that it would be a smart baby [if] he’s the daddy.”

“Because who says that? I know for a fact I have never heard a human say those words out loud,” Kate continued, “no one says that. What you do is — I would imagine — let’s just say, for any health issue below your waistline, you know, maybe you just tell the doctor. Just don’t talk about what happens in your pants. I’m no HR expert, but that would be my advice.”


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Here’s a topic Kate can really empathize with, coworker relations, especially butting heads with other managers on the yacht.  She thinks Daisy is not appreciated enough.

“She’s the best chief stew I’ve seen on the series and I really respect everything about the way that she’s doing it,” Kate said. “She’s funny, she’s great at her job. I’m really impressed with her.”

Daisy called Gary out numerous times for his lack of consideration for the interior.  He won’t even pick up a dish to clean, it’s so beneath his station.  It’s like some archaic service industry hierarchy.

Kate said of Gary, “I think he needs to get his head out of his ass, or maybe he needs to get his head out of Alli [Dore]’s ass, I don’t know.”

Even though Kate is enjoying Fort Lauderdale, she will always appreciate the industry and those that are passionate about it.  After watching Captain Glenn Shephard deal with mechanical issues on the boat, Kate sympathized with him and even contacted Glenn on social media.


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“I think the Sailing Yacht [cast] is incredible,” Kate concluded, “Below Deck Sailing has made me so excited about [watching]. I’m so excited, in fact, that after the most recent episode where the boat [was] malfunctioning and Captain Glenn [Shephard] hit the dock … in the first two minutes, I had tears in my eyes and I don’t even really usually care that much about boats. I just felt so bad for him because he’s so dedicated to his career. He’s passionate about it. He’s a very good captain and my heart broke for him in that moment.”


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