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Paris Hilton To Star In Her Own Netflix Cooking Show

Kathy Hilton isn’t the only Hilton hitting our screens this year! While it may be Kathy’s debut into reality TV, viewers instinctively knew to keep a look out for the airhead moments to come. All thanks to her hotel-heiress daughter, Paris Hilton.

Paris broke our brains when she premiered on The Simple Life back in the day. She learned how to do laundry, work in fast food, and what exactly a Walmart is. Bless it. More recently, she gained over 5 million views for a lasagna cooking video posted to YouTube. Our girl has come a long way from making bacon with an iron, that’s for sure.

It’s been a minute since the nostalgic Simple Life flurry of viewers flocked to Paris’ cooking video on YouTube. Since, she has snagged a new spot on our television screens. Paris posted a photo of herself in a pink bow dress on a cookbook to her Instagram. Her caption read, “I’m so excited!! Next month I’m returning to television, and this time I’ll be taking over the kitchen! My new show #CookingWithParis premieres on August 4th, only on @Netflix. Stay tuned for more announcements! Comment below with what dishes you want me to make.”

Variety described the new show in more detail, for anyone still on the fence. They report that the show will feature Paris “learning her way around the kitchen with the help of her famous friends. The series will take a spin on the traditional cooking show, as Hilton is not a trained chef and doesn’t really know how to cook — but she certainly knows how to entertain viewers at home.” Facts.


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The show will stream on Netflix beginning in early August. Unfortunately there will only be six half-hour episodes to enjoy. The series will show Paris taking us through grocery stores, her kitchen appliances and shelves, and of course the finished table spread! It’s reported that she will “embrace her very newly domesticated side, while she learns to sauté, sear and zest and show off her culinary expertise.” Or lack thereof, I assume.

In all of this cookery, the real treat will be watching Paris’ wardrobe and party hosting skills with her iconic celebrity friends. But that’s not all! Paris is also set to star in another unscripted doc-series on Peacock.

According to E! News “Paris in Love” will feature Paris walking down the aisle with the man of her dreams, venture capitalist Carter Reum. This time, the show will be a 13-episode series. It will follow Paris as she plans and preps for the big day. The show is set to feature the wedding itself as well!


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I’ll be grabbing my jellies, crimper, and sweet pea spray for all this Millennial drip. Paris is bringing us big 2000 goddess energy with all these new releases. Who’s hunky dory now?


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