Kyle Richards Says Her Family Was Devastated When Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape Was Released

Remember when celebrity sex tapes were a big deal? Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had one. Kim Kardashian and Ray J. Then, of course, there was the sex tape Paris Hilton made with her then sleazy boyfriend Rick Soloman (who also dated Pam Anderson. Small world!) Rick sold the distribution rights himself to an adult film company that released the home movie under the title “One Night in Paris.” They’re so gross clever.

Once upon a time, celebrity sex tapes were considered shameful. Today, however, we live in a world that likes to reward attention-seeking and embarrassing behavior. So much so, we don’t even remember that a sex tape made the Kardashians. Seriously people, never forget that Kim’s sex tape made Kris Jenner the momager of momagers and spawned Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That family expertly used the tape (and Kim’s relationship to Paris) as a launchpad to money and lasting (yes, lasting) fame. So, it might have been a surprise to hear Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards discuss Paris’ major entre into celebrity on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week.

During her Wednesday night appearance on WWHL, People reports that Andy asked Kyle, “when your niece Paris’ tape was leaked, did you initially think it would ruin her career or help catapult her star power? “Ruin,” Kyle responded, adding, “we were devastated. Like my whole – it was horrible.”

Honestly, did the question need to be asked? What aunt would gush about her niece’s sex tape? Thinking about it now, it might have been funny if Kyle said, “I totally knew it would catapult her star power, Andy.”


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In all seriousness, Paris did move past the notoriety from the tape and she seems to be rocking it as an international DJ. Fame aside, it doesn’t make the release of the tape a positive. People shared quotes from the documentary, American Meme (it’s awesome, highly recommend) where Paris discussed the sex tape. “It was like being raped. It felt like I’d lost part of my soul and been talked about in such cruel and mean ways… I literally wanted to die at some points…I didn’t want to be known as that.”

In all, it sounds like Kyle saying the tape “devastated” Paris and her family is an understatement. Paris’ex-boyfriend who sold the tape probably did so in the hope it would garner him some fame. I am really glad it didn’t.


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To end on a brighter note – Andy also asked Kyle if she had ever sold a story to Radar Online. Kyle lied responded, “not only have I never sold stories, I’ve never given them away to try to hurt somebody!” Sure. In the words of Ken Todd– GOODBYE KYYLLLE!


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[Photo Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo]