Mercedes Javid Regrets Sending Topless Video To Shahs Of Sunset Co-Stars

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I’m not sure how much more recycling of explosive disagreements on Shahs of Sunset I can handle. How many times can Mike Shouhed cheat and we all act surprised? Honestly, despite everyone else being disgusted by Nema Vand and Destiney Rose’s “flirting” in the August 8th episode, I was here for it. Yes, it’s shameful. I’m just hoping for some intrigue to follow. Can we get a love triangle going or something? Anything!

For whatever reason, as Destiney and Nema were batting eyelashes back and forth, Nema decided to drop a bomb. He casually mentions to Destiny that their friend, MJ Javid, had recently sent him a WHOLE VIDEO of her boobs. Yes you read that correctly. Apparently MJ was mad at her husband, Tommy Feightand decided to group text her guy friends in some form of twisted revenge??? Nema later apologized to MJ for spilling the beans. She didn’t seem to understand the issue asking, “Why would I be upset?”

MJ explains that she became angry with her husband when he asked her why she needs so much extra time to leave the house. Literally that was it. She admitted in her confessional, “When I get really mad at Tommy I flash my tits.” I’m personally team #freethenip. Not so sure how I feel about team #weaponizethenip quite yet.

Of course, fans on Twitter went wild with this revelation in relationship foul play. One tweeted Mercedes to say, “Rule #1 of marriage: don’t air dirty laundry! Keep your issues with your spouse between you & your spouse. Rule #2 – don’t ever send shots of your naked tits to your male friends when you’re mad at your husband – that immediately turns the fault into you!”


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Despite acting casual about it during filming, MJ took another approach on Twitter. She replied to her follower saying, “I definitely messed up. It won’t happen again.”

It appears another fan called MJ out too, though they have since deleted their tweet. MJ’s response remains, however. She once again took responsibility for lashing out in the heat of the moment. She said, “No it was not ok. Definitely not gonna happen again.” Good on her, I guess.

I can’t wait for whatever relationship advice book deal comes from this fiasco. Can you imagine what other pointers MJ could share? (No pun intended.)


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]