Metul Shah Deletes Photos Of Naomie Olindo From Instagram After Split

Naomie Olindo was a mainstay on Southern Charm until she joined the show’s mass exodus prior to Season 7. She came onto the show as Craig Conover’s girlfriend but could hold her own without making unnecessary drama (*cough cough* Madison LeCroy). She and Craig’s relationship wasn’t smooth sailing at all. She wanted someone to hustle with her and actively work on achieving their big life goals. Meanwhile, Craig was figuring himself out and channeling his uncertainty through his sewing machine. While the two ultimately split, they both (Craig in particular) have done a lot of growing up since the end of their relationship.

Outside of Naomie and Craigy’s relationship, Naomie stood up for her friends multiple times on the show. She called out J.D. Madison for being a horrible husband to Elizabeth Madison. She defended Kathryn Dennis against the horrible attacks from Ashley Jacobs. And she ultimately proved she’s not just a pretty face but a hard worker and a loyal friend.

Craig has been in a few relationships since the split with Naomie, and might currently be dating Summer House star Paige DeSorbo. Meanwhile, Naomie seemingly found her prince charming in Metul Shah. The two were very ride-or-die for each other and Naomie even left the South to move with him to New York City. But men, they’re always so disappointing.

The pair split after cheating rumors circulated surrounding Metul. Naomie felt embarrassed and betrayed, and seemingly high-tailed it back to Charleston. She even reconnected with Craig, as just friends (for now), after the split, and let’s hope he gave her a handmade pillow to cry in while she goes through it. 


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Naomie’s been taking the split hard. She deleted the majority of photos with Metul off of her Instagram, aside from group shots. And now, according to Us Weekly, Metul is seemingly following suit.

The doctor deleted several photos with Naomie after unfollowing her from the platform. There are still a few lingering on his page, but he’s clearly ready to move on. And honestly, good. It’s clear he doesn’t deserve Naomie’s love and loyalty after this stunt. All I really hope is that Naomie might want to make a Southern Charm comeback ahead of Season 8 and show off just what Metul’s missing with her. 


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]