Craig Conover And Naomie Olindo Spoke For First Time In 3 Years Following Naomie’s Split From Metul Shah

Craig Conover has been a staple on Southern Charm since the early days. And while he started off the show having a little crush on Kathryn Dennis, his longtime relationship with Naomie Olindo definitely took center stage. While I always rooted for them together, their relationship took a turn for the toxic. His law school lies and love of sewing didn’t mesh with Naomie’s expectations for them as a couple. And their final split (aka when Naomie just WALKED AWAY from Craigy) definitely stung quite a bit.

Naomie then moved on to a new and seemingly perfect relationship with Metul Shah. The two were together for a while, even after Naomie left Southern Charm. She packed her bags and moved to NYC for this man, just to stumble on some “terrible messages” that were the ultimate betrayal. The two split and it’s been hitting Naomie pretty hard, but she headed on back down to Charleston. Because remember, she’s a badass lady who doesn’t need a man who can’t keep it in his pants. Sorry, not sorry.

The news of Naomie and Metul’s split obviously led fans to wonder if she and Craig can ever rekindle. He also just got out of a relationship with his girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer, so the stars could be aligning yet again. That is, if Craig isn’t getting too serious with Summer House fashionista Paige DeSorbo.

Craigy recently dished on his Pillows and Beer podcast with Austen Kroll that he spoke to Naomie after her recent breakup. Actually, it was the first time he spoke to her in the past three years since their tumultuous ending, Showbiz CheatSheet reports.  “When all of that went down, obviously she was a big part of my life,” Craig said. “We talked on the phone once. One time. Because it’s been three years, four years. And at the end of the day, I feel like in my life, with my exes, I feel like I can pick up the phone with them and nothing ever happened. But a lot happened.” Understatement of the year.


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Craig said it was a nice conversation, but the two clearly spoke on a friends-only basis. “I’m not saying she didn’t have anyone else to talk to. But we just talked. And we used to be closer than anyone else. It’s not romantic. It’s not like we’re back together.” But Craig do you WANT to shoot your shot again? That’s the real question.

Apparently even Craig’s manager was worried about what a newly single Naomie would mean for his client. “Jerry [Casselano] came in my house and was like, ‘Do we need to talk about this? Is this going to be a thing?’ I was like ‘No, nothing changes in my life,'” Craig added. Apparently, his soul-searching trip to the Bahamas really did help him get rid of the bad blood with Naomie. But you can’t blame everyone for wondering if there was a second chance for this couple, now that Craig’s finally a lawyer and turned his pillow business into a full-fledged career. Never say never.


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