Craig Conover Confirms Split From Natalie Hegnauer

If you’re a Southern Charm viewer, you know that pillow king Craig Conover doesn’t have the best luck in relationships. Or with women in general. His relationship with Naomie Olindo, while it seemed good at first, was just a mismatch. Craigy felt really put down in that relationship, and we know he’s a sensitive guy. Even though Naomi was probably valid that he needed some motivation. He came onto the show with a crush on Kathryn Dennis, prior to her getting involved with Thomas Ravenel, but that fizzled out quickly. It’s probably best they stay friends, or else that would be a whole new mess.

While Shep Rose and Austen Kroll have a reputation for being womanizers, Craig always seems like the third wheel who isn’t one for approaching girls with cheesy pickup lines. And coming into Season 7, he didn’t have to anymore. He introduced girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer to viewers, who he raved was into his cooking, his sewing and all the other little quirks we love about Craig. Sure, she might have had a history with Austen, but nobody really cares about that. Unless you’re Madison LeCroy.

Craig and Austen were also a part of filming a new spin-off Winter House featuring the cast from Summer House. There were rumors that he and Ciara Miller got flirty while filming. But after production wrapped, Craig assured everyone he was still with his girlfriend. At least, until as of late.

Craig revealed on his podcast with Austen that the two had split, Cheat Sheet reports. “I’m going through, like, [a] break up, and it’s nothing terrible, it’s just so easy to drink to avoid dealing with anything,” he said. Sounds like the Shep approach to life. But seriously I hate hearing Craigy’s little heart is broken again.


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He added that while he was in “bad pattern,” his parents visited him recently and helped him get through. “I didn’t do anything except, like, positive productivity. And now I’m like trying to stay in that groove because [it’s] like a dark place to be in,” he said. Good for him. Keep sewing, working at the law firm and stay away from too many TropHops with Austen. That’s my breakup advice.

So we know Natalie likely won’t be making an appearance on Season 8 of Southern Charm. We’ll add her to the list, right behind Craig’s new friend Kristin Cavallari, who as no interest in being on this show. The only one who we can truly expect is Madison, because we know she’d never miss a chance to be on camera. And Shep, because what really is SC without his pot-stirring?


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