Married At First Sight Recap: Out Of The Comfort Zone And Into The Sea

The honeymoon continues for the Married At First Sight  couples in the Florida Keys for just four of the couples. Despite trying exciting new activities and taking stabs at romance, some start to learn that their differences are greater than they imagined. During a friendly game of Never Have I Ever, the group finds out a lot more about their partners. Some of these revelations may prove to be deal breakers in the future.

Now that the honeymoon is ending, it is back to the real world. This is when things start to really get GOOD! Anything that hasn’t been flushed out, will definitely be revealed once the couples have to live together. Especially, since they will be back in a familiar setting and not secluded in their own bubble. I have a feeling that some of the issues that came up during the honeymoon are only the beginning. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Michaela & Zack

I feel so bad for Zach and Michaela. After being diagnosed with Covid, he will quarantine in Florida, while his wife is home in Houston. Although they have only known each other for a short period of time, they both miss each other. Aww… Hopefully this challenge will only bring them closer together.

Zach calls the other couples to check in. He expresses some guilt over being sick and ruining the honeymoon for Michaela. Everyone reassures him that things will be okay and wish him well. It has to be lonely being trapped in a hotel room all day while everyone is out having fun. But hopefully he is able to return home soon in better spirits.

Myrla & Gil

Gil wakes up and inquires once again about whether Myrla intends to change her last name. She isn’t a fan of the idea.  She claims she wants to keep her name to honor her dad. This could be true, but I have a feeling it also has more to do with her not being sure what is going to happen as well. Gil suggests compromising by hyphenating her name, but she still isn’t convinced.

During dinner with the other newlyweds, Myrla and Gil get very passionate about their views. Gil doesn’t mind if he and his wife had different political views. Myrla on the other hand, strongly disagrees. She even goes as far to say that it would be a deal breaker. I can see both of their points, but I think it depends on the type of person that you are. If you believe very strongly about something and you marry a person who believes the polar opposite and is vociferous about it, that could be an issue. Luckily for them, they both agree about where they stand politically.

Bao & Johnny

Bao wakes up and decides to confront Johnny about their discussion about her snoring, the night before. She wants him to understand that although it may not seem like a big deal, it’s a deeper issue for her. She was bullied growing up, so she is deeply insecure about it. Johnny has made a few jokes in the past, but I doubt he will ever do that again. Later, he works up the nerve to tell Bao how he is truly feeling. He wants her to start living in the moment rather than going to a negative place. He even tells her he began having doubts. Although Bao is disappointed, she appreciates that he is open and honest.

After their chat, Bao decides to give living in the moment a chance, at Johnny’s request.  They even decide to do a fun activity. But things get serious again quickly, when they discuss how things will go once they move in together. Both of them seem very particular in different ways, so this should definitely be interesting.

Johnny is beginning to see more red flags as he talks more with his wife, Bao. Even I was alarmed when she made a case for wanting to not shower regularly. Johnny showers multiple times a day and he seems confused by why they are even having the conversation.  I have to admit; even I was cringing listening to that conversation. Does she not understand that what you do when you live alone, may have to change when it affects another person? I am with him; I have to feel like I am sleeping on clean sheets. It would definitely be a deal breaker, if I married a stranger that didn’t have good hygiene.

Johnny and Bao share a tender moment when he tells her that his dad finally gave his blessing for their marriage. After describing his wife, Johnny’s dad was genuinely relived. Despite some of their hiccups, I actually think this could be a good match. They both will have to be patient and learn to compromise. But if they can accomplish that, this could blossom into something very special.

Rachel & Jose

Rachel admits she never learned to ride a bike. Jose decides to take on the task of teaching his wife. He is either a good teacher or she picks up things fast. She does really well, for her first time. When they sit down and take a break, she thanks him for uplifting her, rather than tearing her down. Rachel seems really amazing, my heart hurts that she was treated so poorly in her past relationships. Things take a left turn when they begin to talk about finances again. Rachel is not on board with having a joint account and she doesn’t want to feel like she is receiving an allowance. I have a feeling that Jose is only biding his time until he insists they do things his way.

Brett & Ryan

Brett and Ryan decide to enjoy a day of kayaking until they run into a problem. A massive manatee decides to trail Brett. Just when she is on the verge of freaking out, he decides to go on his way. Although she isn’t an outdoor person, Ryan appreciates the fact she has been open to trying new things. Brett is happy that she now has someone to push her outside of her comfort zone.

At the couple’s dinner, Brett admits she and Ryan still haven’t discussed some heavier topics with one another. She actually makes a good point. Normally you wouldn’t have those types of conversations, this early. But given they only have seven weeks to make a decision, she may want to rethink that approach. A discussion about politics causes Brett to worry if she and her husband may clash in the future.



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