Whitney Rose Says Jen Shah Looked At Her With Fear And Terror When She Got Arrested

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is finally upon us with their much anticipated Season 2. Despite having been in the headlines for months now, Jen Shah’s arrest is clearly getting top billing this season. And how could it not? I know I’m going to be hanging on every episode, just waiting for the time when it gets addressed.

And boy does it get addressed. At the beginning of the season premiere, producers tease us with what happened when Jen was arrested. Yes, cameras were rolling and she was filming. But Jen made a quick getaway, presumably so she wouldn’t be arrested on camera. Her castmates, who had no idea what was going on, were left in shock. That includes Whitney Rose, who is back for her second season.

Now Whitney reveals a little bit about what went down on that bus before Jen took off. She recently told Page Six that she didn’t know agents were looking for Jen. But when Jen asked her to turn her mic off, she obliged, despite it being a big faux pas in the housewives world. According to Whitney, “I mean, taking off the mic, that’s like a no-no. We don’t do that. In fact, I guess I sling a lot of mud at the women who turn off their mics. But when Jen looked at me with pure terror and fear…I just knew — I saw the fear in her eyes. And I can’t help it. I’m just a girls girl, like, I’ll do it.”

Whitney also admitted that Jen’s arrest has been “a really difficult situation to navigate.” She added, “Jen and I’s history hasn’t been the best. However, prior to her arrest, we had started over and started on a really good track of trying to tolerate each other and build a friendship and be kind to one another.”


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Whitney explained, “By that, I mean, Jen was being really nice to me. So it was really difficult because, you know, she’s being accused of such big things. But it’s my job to choose what kind of friend I am. And I’ve chosen to match Jen with whatever Jen gives me.”

Not sure if that means that Whitney is supporting Jen or not. But I would imagine Whitney is being purposefully vague in where she stands with Jen. While Jen maintains her innocence, it can’t be easy to decide where you stand as a friend when someone is accused of such horrible crimes. It looks like the ladies will spend the entire season trying to figure it out.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]