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Whitney Rose Says Jen Shah Is The Fakest Of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Cast

Whitney Rose and Jen Shah had a strained dynamic on the premiere season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.  Perhaps it’s rooted in Whitney’s friendship with Jen’s nemesis Mary Cosby.  On a good day, it just seemed like they didn’t have much to do with each other.

When they fought at Coach Sharrieff Shah’s birthday, Jen screamed at Whitney and threw a glass.  She was coerced into an apology after Whitney cornered her in a literal mud bathtub.  What else could Jen do?  They moved on in a very superficial way, but it was very clear at the reunion that these two had issues to work through.

Surprise surprise, nothing’s changed for Season 2.  Whitney still views Jen as superficial and phony, though Jen may have higher priorities to deal with than dealing with Heather Gay’s cousin.  Despite the looming arrest that will overshadow much of the season, these relationships and conflicts are why we watch the show.  And the reason fans got hooked on RHOSLC after only one season.

So the RHOSLC cast sat together for a round of “Sip or Spill” for Entertainment TonightJen was noticeably absent, but that may have worked out for the best since she was the target for pretty much all of the questions.

Oh yes, Whitney tried to be coy at first.  She paused before naming the “fakest” in the group.  Page Six reported that it took a sip from her Vida tequila to answer, “Jen Shah!”  And in the next series of questions, Jen was also labeled “biggest gossip.”  She’s the one who takes, “longest to get ready in hair and makeup,” “biggest gossip” and “gets the most work done.”


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Jen was also titled the one who, “spends the most money.”  Ahem, other’s people’s money allegedly.  When Meredith Marks was asked who, “has the most secrets,” she quipped, “well, given everything that’s unfolding, I’d have to guess Jen Shah.”

It’s clear Jen’s legal issues will dominate all conversations and topics of discussion.  And fans are eagerly anticipating THE ARREST, which was teased in a clip from the Season 2 extended trailer.  Jen is seen telling Heather, “I have some bad news.  I just got a phone call, and I need to go.”  After making a quick getaway from the group, the teaser shows federal agents approaching the Shah residence to arrest Jen.  Lisa Barlow reacts to the arrest in one clip.  “I have the f–king chills,” she said, “her and [assistant] Stu [Smith] were charged for stealing people’s money.”

Despite it’s popularity from Season 1, Jen’s legal issues will make this season.  And catching footage of the arrest for a reality TV show is something really priceless.  A source told Page Six that, “it’s rare that Bravo has a big hit like ‘RHOSLC’ on its hands right out of the gate, and the team hoped to continue that momentum when production for Season 2 began. Now, with the news of Jen’s arrest, they are sure to have even more success than they imagined.”


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Jen is set to go to trial in March 2022.  Imagine if Bravo timed Season 3 to be filmed in conjunction with it.  Nothing in Real Housewives history would top that, except perhaps the oncoming deluge surrounding Erika Jayne.


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