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Bachelor In Paradise Star Pieper James Says That “The Last Month Has Been Pretty Hard Mentally For Me”Amid Split With Brendan Morais

Bachelor in Paradise stars Pieper James and Brendan Morais certainly made an impression during their time on the beach. And not in a good way.

Brendan started a relationship with Natasha Parker. Basically, he just used her rose to stay on the beach until Pieper came. Brendan also denied that he was in a relationship with Pieper before Paradise.

When Pieper arrived on BIP, she immediately asked Brendan out on a date. The couple discussed their feelings for each other, and how many more social media followers they would rack up. That’s right- the duo hooked up before BIP. They were on a mission to maximize their exposure and boost their social media following.

Brendan dropped Natasha for Pieper. Duh. Many of the Season 7 BIP cast members were pissed that the couple was in Paradise for “the wrong reasons.” Now that the wrath of Bachelor nation was flowing in their direction, Pieper and Brendan apologized.

Brendan issued an apology in his Instagram Story. He also posted an insanely long Instagram video where he apologized to Natasha again. Brendan said, “I never meant to lead you on. I truthfully and honestly enjoyed spending time with you.” Sure, Brendan.

Pieper’s apology was a bit different. She posted in her Instagram Story, “just a gentle reminder that reality tv isn’t real. An edited, produced, and cut down show isn’t going to show you every single thing said and done,” Pieper posted. She continued in her non-apology, “We the viewers are shown what makes the best television, just as any show. And folk [sic] what we have here is a very successful show.”


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What we also have here are two people who are shedding social media followers after their plan was revealed on BIP. Natasha responded to being a pawn in the drama on Instagram. She posted a photo of a quote from R. H. Sin. It read, “you deserve the love you give.” Natasha posted a lengthy caption, including the words, “Sometimes we only see the best parts of people. Sometimes we put too much trust in the wrong person.”

US Weekly reported that Pieper addressed her recent decision to stay off social media. In a series of Instagram Stories, she discussed how she has been feeling since ending her romance with Brendan. “A letter to those asking where I’ve been. I first want to start by saying this is a letter to everybody who’s been so sweet and asking where I’ve been or, when I occasionally post, saying that they miss seeing me on my Instagram,” Pieper said. “I’m sure it’s no secret that the last month has been pretty hard mentally for me.”

Pieper continued, “My anxiety stems from control, or lack of control over situations in my life. The situations vary, from not having my schedule organized during the week, to not being able to control what people will say about me online and many factors in between,” the former model shared. “As you can imagine, the latter has been a contributing factor as to why I’ve been off Instagram frequently the last month.”


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But Pieper also had some positive news to impart. “I am working on living a life driven by happiness, passion, and joy not one where I’m a product of anxious thoughts and an unsettled mind. Thank you for allowing me to take some time to live in the moment,” Pieper commented.


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